Crowd Level for May?


I am going May 6th - May 9th (a thursday through sunday)

And according to my ‘calculations’! I think it would not be that busy b/c all kids are back in school and its right after srping break and right before summer vacation.

What do you think?



You are right. It is an awesome time to go. Low crowds and beautiful temps. Have fun!!! I have been there for the last two years at that time and I love it!!!


Should be great, This will be our 2nd time in early May. It was wonderful.
We will be there May 8th - 15th


We always go in May because of the crowd levels. Not too empty, not too crowded and the weather is perfect.


well spring break crowds don’t die to around summer time since most school get towards the end and the begging of may


Been there the first full week of May on three different trips. Wonderful each time.


It should be perfect in every way… and the Flower & Garden Show to boot!


we were there in 2007 that time and it was wonderful:cool:…beautiful weather, low crowds:goofybounce:…in fact we’ll be there again this year at the same time :happy::happy::happy: only 43 days to go:cool:


We went 2 years ago in May and it was wonderful. The Flower show was still fresh, NO crowds, and the temps were superb!
We went for MH at Epcot and as we walked over the bridge and to the countries we were the ONLY people as far as you could see. It was kinda spooky :ph34r:


Great time to go and maybe it might be in the 70’s in Florida by then. What a horrible winter it has been.


We are also banking on lower crowds for our mid-May trip!! We went in May 2007, and it was perfect!!


We just booked our trip for May 16 through the 22nd, and am really looking forward to it. We were there this past January but it was sooo cold that we decided to do a “re-do” of the trip so we could actually enjoy it without freezing half to death. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the crowd levels aren’t too bad.:pirate:


We always go mid May the crowds are not bad and the weather is nice too:happy: