Crowd Level Predictions for Saturday 11/12/11


Does anyone know what they are?? Is it gonna be super busy in EPCOT due to the Holiday weekend and it being the last weekend for F&W??


If you are going to be there the crowds will be AWESOME!..The word is out Erin is thinking about going to the WORLD.


It’s going to be busy. Not only is it a Saturday, the end of the F&W festival, the beginning of the Osborne lights…it’s JERSEY week…sorry to all you people who are in WDW this week. I apologize for my people in advance:laugh:

BTW: MVMCP is completely sold out if that tells you anything.


Oh boy! LOL! :laugh:


Goodness Erin are you here EVERY weekend now? You still haven’t tracked me down in Tomorrowland! I’m there all day today!


I was at EPCOT and DHS yesterday…and yes, just about every weekend! I’m GONNA FIND YOU. <3


You are so lucky, every weekend at WDW-life is good.

It’s good to see you back, I’m glad things are going well for you.


Well, EVERY weekend is an exaggeration. Every other weekend is accurate, though. OF course, we’ll be in the blocked-out time period soon.

It’s nice to be back. I just haven’t been living through my camera lens as much so I am forgetting to get pictures!

We did visit EPCOT and we did get to see Osborne lights!! It was a great day!


Sounds loverly to get to find you.

Word of caution, our park attendance numbers have been astronomical. There’s no sign of slowing down, even during this time of year. It’s going to remain very busy EVERY weekend it looks.