Crowd Levels for January


I thought there was somewhere that showed the crowd levels for every month, but I couldn’t find it. So, I thought I would just ask directly if anyone knows the crowd levels for January. We are going January 13-20th, and I was just wondering what to expect. :happy:


As long as it’s not martin luther kind holiday weekend, the crowd levels will be extremely low…you can walk on everything with little or no wait at all. If it is MLK holiday, you will have a bit of a crowd that weekend and the monday after.


the one that i am thinking of is the website that does the crowd levels is only available with subscription or if you have the book - - The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

we went the 2nd week of january in 2005 and it was great - very light crowds and nice weather!


The crowd levels are usually pretty good in Jan. Most people are broke from Christmas!


Crowds are usually ok in Jan, just avoid any holidays like MLK day and I personally try to avoid the marathon weekend.



:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Good point.
We went in January a few years back and the crowds were very light. To cool for swimming though.


I happen to have the book from my public library right now. You can view the entire calendar by answering the 2 questions with the words “The” and “to”. I found it interesting that they had MLK day rated as only a level 4, when most days around it ranged from 5-7. I would think that would be a more crowded day since people are off from school/work.:confused:


The marathon is on the 13th so several roads will be blocked until early to mid afternoon. Getting around is very slow. Runners leave on Monday and the parks will be empty until MLK weekend, then I hear it is very crowded on that weekend.


that is interesting!

btw - the questions they ask change, so it won’t be the same each time you go to the site.


We went the week following yours last year and found the crowds to be light, but still needed to wait for the big rides and did fast pass some of them. Extra Magic HOurs were busy.

I don’t think I have ever been to disney when the crowds were so light I walked on everything. I just think its a busy place – and there is reason for it!!

January is a good time to go for crowds though, better than spring break week that’s for sure. We had okay weather, not great, got to swim one day, pack warm for the nights!


what about Jan.1???

we are thinking we might have to move up the dates for our annual trip in 2009. we are going the 7-12 this year. but curious what the crowd is like on the 1st.

anyone know from experience???


According to the crowd calendar referred to above, it looks like the crowds go from a “10” on Dec. 31st to a “7” on Jan. 1st. The days after that are pretty much either a “6” or “7” for the next couple of weeks.


Ahhhh! I see how that works now. You definitely have to have the book in your hands, they’ve got a lot of different questions! I have it from the library for a few more weeks at least!


There is a chart in the PassPorter that tracks crowds, prices, avg. temp., and avg. rainfall.

The Marathon weekend runs from the 10th to the 13th. The Half-Marathon is on Saturday and the Full Marathon is on Sunday.