Crowd levels in march


staying off site march 23-april 4th…Easter is at the end of April next year. any thoughts on crowd levels and weather this time of year? Not like we’re changing our dates, but I would like to be prepared. we’ve been twice the last week of April and first week of May with perfect weather and crowds. Also went the first week of December…not bad but busier than april/may…so i just want to know what i can expect. thanks.




is it worth the money to purchase one of those touring plans? This will be our 4th trip, but my friend’s 1st and I want to be able to do and see as much as possible.


I would go with I have used him before and it works GREAT!!! There is a method to his madness, and it totally works! There is a TON of info to weed through on his site, but it is very customizable… You can pick and choose rides, for example, and can eliminate what you do not want to see… Well worth the $20 for the site, and you can use it until after your trip… Sign up now-there is that much information.


does this site offer an app for the iphone? I don’t want to be carrying around a bunch of papers. I would definately be interested in an app that i can use while i’m there.


I am not sure if they have added it… but I would send them a message and ask… It is so much information, but it is great. There is a plan for what to ride each day, whether it is busy or not. Fabulous!


thanks I will definately look into it