Crowd Levels


Can anyone tell me the crowd levels for the past few days? Have they stopped letting people in any park? We are going on Sunday to AK in the AM then hopping over to MK in the afternoon. Can we check the status of MK before we leave AK? I mean, if they are not letting anyone in MK, can we find out before we leave AK?


The past few days have seemed pretty quiet around here. Grant it Ive been at rehearsals mostly and haven’t been in the park as much, but it seems like MK has had only around 50 thousand a day. Its definitely not over crowded.


I’m glad to hear it!! I hope it stays that way since I’ll be arriving in the next few days…YEAH!!!:laugh: :laugh:


50 thousand? That’s nothing- we can handle that with no problem!:wink: Thanks Rowdy!!


Oh I hope it’s that way Aug 25-26 . . . in July it was too crowded and TOO hot . . . not that we didn’t have fun anyway!!! :wub:


Just another observation: Yesterday was my first day back in the parks performing after training all week. Well, as the last of the summer families get their vacations in before school starts, I saw them yesterday. DAK was packed. MK (for Spectro anyways) was packed. At least on the parade route they were packed. Again just an observation. Starting next week the large crowds will start to die down as school gets back into swing, leaving Labor Day the last big weekend until Holidays get here.


I just checked the crowd level calendar at touring plans for those days (I will be there too) and everything is at a 5 to 6 which is totally manageable! Let’s hope they’ve calculated correctly!


I hope it wont be that crowded either :eek: