Crowded for Thanksgiving week!


I have begun making my PS reservations for the week of Thanksgiving and at the begining of the week I was getting everything with no problems and hardly no wait time but as of yesterday the lines got really busy and today I found out that the only restaurant for Fantasmic Dinner Pkg left was Brown Derby. So I guess that means there will be alot of people coming to WDW that week. One interesting thing I found out from the CM is that there will be more time slots opening as that week gets closer! Any way I snag the Ps for BD and hopefully I can switch to H&V. Sorry I guess this should have gone in Restaurants forum :ohmy:


I guess that is why I was on hold for 15minuets the other day when I asked WDW Dine about my vouchers… No worries about the BD. It was a great meal. With those expected crowds, your better off having any fantasmic! package you can get. Hope you can get H&V later on.