Crowds and Eating


We are going to WDW in July (14-21). My family is really pumped to go. My main concern is getting my family meals without standing in line for hours. I have made reservations at Chef Mickeys for my MR/DD sons birthday. Is there such a thing as quick and easy meal at WDW ?


Make as many ADRs as possible to eliminate long wait times would be my suggestion.:phone: We always make ADRs for dinner and maybe atleast one character breakfast. The lines for counter service places for lunch and breakfast are usually manageable.


Unfortunately it does take some planning to figure out which restaurants to go to, without an ADR, that won’t cause you long waits. Obviously eating at counter service locations would be the quickest but if you want to eat at sit-down restaurants with no ADRs, especially in July, you may be best off trying the “off beat” restaurants during NON-prime eating times. For example, “Turf Club” in SSR (although it’s building in popularity), Marakesh in EPCOT, Trail’s End at Fort Wilderness, early evening at Raglan Road, early evening at Big River Grille (Boardwalk), Garden Grove (Swan), etc…

Ultimately, if your goal is to avoid long waits at sit-down restaurants in WDW your best bet is to make ADRS.


I agree. The quickest meals are the counter services, as most are a kind of cafeteria-style walk through a line and get your food from off the menu. For table service meals, your best bet is definitely to make ADRs or try off times (like brunch time frames of 10:00-11:30 or early dinners from 4:30 to 6:00).

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Just got back yesterday. We had reservations at the Yaht Club but, the schedule didn’t permit. Resorts had good food and also had a good chicken dinner in Tomorrow land. Downtown Disney we enjoyed the restaurants provided your seated before 7:00pm. Otherwise, the GPS worked great too!


Thank All of your advise!!! This is great. I will ask more questions in the near future.


What resort are you staying at?

We’ve always are great luck and low crowds having our luch at our resort before or after going to the parks.


welcome to MB


We mainly do counter service meals when we go as the kids don’t want to sit down for a meal. Their favorite was a ham and cheese croissant and pastry at the French Pavillion at Epcot. I think they would be happy to do something like that all week. There are some great counter service meals that serve chicken or great sandwiches. If you go a little off the regular meal schedule service is really quick and easy.


Welcome to MB. Try and eat at off hours (early / late lunch and the same for dinner) this will help you avoid some of the crowds as the majority of people are trying to get in to eat lunch from 1130 to 1. As far as ADR’s, if you are going in July, you need to book now, as you only have a short window, and July will be a very busy time. Enjoy!


We’re staying at the Grand Floridian!!! And way too excited!!!


Wow! That is awesome!
Can’t wait to hear about your trip.


I will be taking hundreds of pictures. I have my own web site and I will display when we return. I am an amateur photographer.


You will love it there. We are going back for our third stay there this September. The location can not be beat, and the services are just the best (not that all of the other resorts don’t have great services). If it was not for the deal we received, we would have been going back to either Y&B or AKL.


Timsha…Are the GF restaurants reasonable for a family of five? (under $150 for 5 adults per meal).


$30 per meal per person for 5 adults? Breakfast and lunch yes. Dinner not very realistic. If you average all of the meals, depending on how much and what you eat, you might be close. Go to Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World They have a section on all of the restaurants, menu’s and prices. We do not eat a lot of meals there when we are there due to the cost and you will have great access being on the mono-rail to other great places and resorts: Ohana & Kona Café at the Poly, California Grill at CR, Monorail to the MK, or take the mono rail to the TaTC, and take the monorail to EPCOT for lots of great places to eat


I think the Grand Floridian Cafe is pretty reasonable and probably not too difficult to get into without an ADR (though I don’t know for sure having never stayed there)

There is also a food court type place, Gasparilla Grill and Games at the Floridian that has more counter service type meals that actually sound really delicious!

Gasparilla Grill and Games - Grand Floridian


If you are going in July I wish you well with avoiding crowds!!:laugh: We went in July of 2005 and it was quite difficult to avoid standing in line to get some food. The best bet, in my opinion, would to get ADRs or to eat back at your resort. There is one restaurant in MK, Colombia Harbour House, that I hear is pretty good with fast service. Good Luck!


Beware of a lot of large tour groups in July. We went last July and ran into so many groups from South America. It was crazy and they can really use up fast pass times as well as take over an entire counter service area.
At least you are are staying at a resort that will most likely not have staying at it.


Very Cool!! Thanx for all the input.