Crowds around MKL Day 2007


in 2007 MLK day is on the 15th. in trying to avoid crowds we are planning our trip for during the week, we can go anytime in jan. but with MLK day right i the middle of the month i thought it might be important to ask if it would be better, (or if it even makes much of a difference) to avoid the weekdays leading up to or after the holiday weekend?? MLK day is a monday so i am assuming most park goers will be coming in on the weekend side of it and heading back out on the monday (holiday). so i assume we should avoid that fri. & sat. but what about the following tues. - fri.??? any thoughts??


The tuesday after MLK day should be safe. The weekend before that is usually a bit crowded, but not totally unmanagable.


We were there this past MLK weekend. The only really crowd we encountered were at Soarin’ 140 min wait and the safari 60 min wait. All in all it was not bad. Just get to the parks early and use fast passes.


We just got back from MLK holiday in WDW. I would say the weekend before was more busy than the days after, but the crowds in general were pretty good. Using fastpass and taking advantage of EMH made for managing things well.