Crowds at DW right now


I was wondering if anyone at DW has info on crowd size right now. I have been checking the app on my phone and right now it says Peter Pan’s Flight is 45 min. Non of the lines seem too bad right now. Are the larger crowds expected this coming week?


When we were there last week, the crowds were HUGE, but we never stood in a line longer then 40 minutes. There are so many additional holiday things to do, I think even though the crowds are big, the lines move, because everyone is so spread out! The only time you will really notice is parade and firework time - you look around and say “WOW there are a lot of people!” :laugh::laugh:


I was there once the week between Christmas and New Years and it was sooooo crowded! I looked at the weather for Disney World a little while ago and saw that the temperature was 36 degrees and thought that maybe that had something to do with shorter lines at MK tonight.


We were at DTD last night and it was nuts! You almost had to walk sideways just to get anywhere. After we grabbed dinner at Pollo Campero we headed over to the Boardwalk where there was no crowd at all! EPCOT seemed packed but we did not actually go into any of the parks.


The cold the past 3 days has actually kept the crowds for the most part out of the parks and in their hotels. But after just walking through MK this morning, now that the cold is no where near as bad, you can barely move, and it’ll keep building until New Years Eve and New Years Day, where ALL parks will close within 2 hours of opening.