Crowds before Easter weekend?


I am considering a quick trip …maybe April 1st -3rd. EAster Sunday is the 5th. How bad do you think the crowds will be for the 1st and 2nd ?


I would expect them to be very crowded, but I’ll be there the 2nd for the start of our Spring Break. The 2nd is Good Friday and many schools around here have that off.


not really because they start towards easter weekend


Avoid if you can. We were there that week before Easter several years ago and the parks were packed. In fact they closed MK one day because they reached the maximum amount of guests allowed! The best plan for that week we learned was to go early to the parks early, leave mid-day, and go back at night.


From the middle of March on - it’s going to be crowded. Springbreak, Easter…one of the busiest times at WDW.


we were there last year and it was a zoo. it was more crowded then summer. like 4thof july crowded. they closed the park mk two days… it was so bad you couldnt get out of stores into the street. .or get the bathrooms… .