Crowds during Night of Joy


Hi all,

I am thinking of making a quick 3 day trip down to WDW from 9/10-9/12 which I know coincides with Night of Joy…I know the MK will close earlier on those days but I was just wondering how many people usually make a trip down there just for the Night of Joy and if the crowds at the parks during the day get really affected by it? I don’t want to go down for a quick trip just to wait in really, really long lines, you know? Thanks!

Karen :mickey:


We were at Magic Kingdom last year on the Night of Joy weekend. During the morning and afternoon the crowds were average. The lines were not bad at all. Once the afternoon hit, around 2-3pm, the crowds picked up. By 5pm the people there for the concerts were already starting to come into the parks and it got crowded pretty quick. We we made our way towards the gates to go out, there were soooo many people first coming in.

The Night of Joy would not deter me from going that weekend. The only negative is that the park closes at 6pm…no fireworks. We actually may even be going the same weekend this year. It is a toss up between that weekend and the following…depending on who is going to be going with us.


Thanks for the input, CaraMia!