Crowds during Star Wars Days at MGM


My DS just recently got into Star Wars. I was thinking of maybe going to WDW during Star Wars weekend so he could meet his fav characters. How crowded does it get for that event? Is the crowd size crazy or are they average? I think it is some time in April or May…not sure. I definitely wont go if it is during Spring Break.

If anyone has been please give me the scoop!



It is more crowded than normal. We were there 3 years ago, and did not know about it. It was a pleasant surprise, you have to do more planning to see your fav. characteers. It is at the end of May or June. Ithink it runs more than 1 weekend, so spring break is not an issuse.


when is star wars days?


I believe it runs on the weekends, in the Spring, and into June, if I am not mistaken. MGM does tend to be more crowded than usual. We also stumbled upon it by accident, it was pretty neat to see the characters.


It is the second weekend of June. We went not knowing. The crowd wasn’t that bad and it was kind of cool with the little stations up to meet star wars characters.


We went the last two years. It is around the second week on May through the second week of June. Usually 4 or 5 weekends, Friday to Sunday. My 8 year old son and I are big Star Wars fans. We went on a Friday both years so I imagine it wasn’t as crowed as Saturday or Sunday. We had a blast and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves Star Wars.


it’s the whole month of may and maybe early june…anyways…it is VERY croweded…but usually just on one side of the park…but…if you’re into Star Wars…it is TOTALLY worth it!


that would explain why we saw the emporer, sand people and stormtroopers during our honeymoon in may…from what i remember the crowds were not too bad.

thanks for the info


That’s right, we haven’t seen then since.


That is so true! DH and one DS are into Star Wars, so the rest of us went over to ToT - totally uncrowded. It was great!

Also, while it is great to see your favorite characters, be prepared for long lines AND those “adults” who are fanatical about Star Wars. They can be pretty rude and uncaring about the real kids who want to meet the characters.


If you’re really into Star Wars, then crowds be darned!!! Star Wars Weekends IS SO COOL!!! I’m not just saying that because I was helping the Tusken Raiders (Sandpeople) or the Emperor’s Royal Guards. In fact, because I was in these roles I didn’t get to experience all the activities, but it’s SO COOL TO BE PART OF!!! THE CROWDS BE DARNED!!! GOTTA TRY THIS THING OUT!!!