Crowds first weekend in December


Thinkg about visiting Disneyland first weekend in December what are crowds like and is the haunted mansion still decorated with nightmare before Xmas.


Crowds are generally not too too bad the first weekend in December, probably the best time to go during the month of December, and yes, Haunted Mansion Holiday will still be running, it runs from Disney’s Halloween Time to the end of the Holiday’s at the Disneyland Resort.


Went last year for the Candelight Processional. Fri. @ DL wasn’t too crowded. Longest lines were in the 20-30 min. range. Sat. @ DCA was very empty. But later in the day DL started to get crowded for the CP that night. This year we’re going to try the week after Thnksgiving & avoid the weekend. Enjoy your trip!


That is one of the best times to go during the Holidays to avoid crowds, good choice!