Crowds For 4th of July


Thinking about going July 2 through the 11th how crowded are the parks?


It is a madhouse. The crowds are bad, the heat is on.

That being said, it can be done and you can have a good time. Just be flexible. We always have a plan for each day, but when it is crowded, we know that our plans may change. We may switch parks, change directions, etc.

On the last trip over the July 4th weekend, we used the 4th as our water park day and watched the fireworks from the beach after dinner at O’hanas.

You will see the crowds dip back down during the week, but the next weekend it will pick back up. Plan your must do activites for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Thank you. So what timeframe is best betwen July and August


It is going to be hot no matter when you go. It looks like you have gone in August before so you know what you are getting into. I would pick a week based on what works best for you and your family, or a week that you can find a deal on.

We are from Georgia so the heat does not botther us, plus you can almost always count on a good afternoon shower everyday.

We go to the parks at rope drop and do the things on our must do list first. In the afternoon we tend to vistit the parts of the parks that are indoors. Some people will suggest going back to the resort for a nap, or going to a pool.

We may switch parks, but we have a pool at home and can rest when we get home. We have passes to Kings Island here in Cincinnati and our family is used to waiting in line and using single rider lines to save time. We stay in the parks until the end of the day and just take it at a slower pace than we would in say January.

Hope that helps.


The end of August tends to be a little less crowded, as kids are starting to head back to school.


Crowds crazy. If you are going to do it, keep a smile on, keep your patience and get there EARLY!!! Parks reach full capacity very early in the day. Then it’s one out, one in.


We have reservations at Liberty Tree on the Fourth. If they reach capacity before we get to MK are we able to still get in? That is the only part of the trip I am worried about!


To be honest I really do not know the answer to this. If it was me I would make a couple of calls to find out for sure. I can’t for one minute think they would not let you in if you show them your reservation numbers for a meal. I would think they would have a system for this, like they do for the breakfasts before the parks open and you have to give your details before being allowed in the park and you are checked off on a list. I would expect for them to have thought of this scenario but you never know. The last time we were there on the 4th it was full up by 11:45 am and no one was getting in.


maybe Rowdy could find out the difinitive answer for you as he is there everyday isn’t he!? LOL:laugh: