Crowds in disney


I had to comment. I have read multiple comments on the crowds in disney … when we were there in September we ate at captains grille. one of the best meals i have ever had anywhere. anyway we had this wonderful waitress. as it was not busy we had a long time to chat… she told us that the last few years disney has been marketing big time for the off season to fill up. they offer great discounts that we dont get to other countries especially south America, Brazil. this makes sure there is not off season anymore… im not sure if this is true or makes sense just what we were told.


it makes sense, plus free dining gets more people to come too.

Hoping our trip is the exception & has very low crowds. haha!!


It’s definitely busier than I remember it being a few years ago. It’s been packed the last two weekends.


It’s also the perceived value of booking an all inclusive vacation to a destination resort that makes people more willing to spend on a WDW vacation than some sort of ala carte vacation with multiple destinations or even as an alternative to visiting a large metropolitan area (i.e. NYC, LA, even Vegas).


Yes, I would rather book an inclusive vacation than not.


Erin! You didn’t come find me in Tomorrowland! :sad: :laugh:


Rowdy!!! What are you doing these days??? I always want to meet yoU!


I no longer perform full time :sad: Instead, I lead the entertainment at Magic Kingdom as the Entertainment Captain.


That’s the problem Rowdy, sometimes you’d prefer to continue what you’re happier with than take the promotion.
But it’s the nature of the system. Your skills have become more valuable in “middle management” than they are as a performer.
And who knows how far your path will take you before you’re done?


Well, at least people call you Captain! :slight_smile:


Yes, yes they do…and a few other names that I would share, but this is a family forum :tongue:


:wink: Hahahaha, you’re so rowdy.