Crowds in October


We plan to visit Oct 5-9. Can anyone tell me what the crowds will be like at that time? I was concerned since the first 2 resorts we looked at did not have availability.


Crowds in October have been increasing steadily, but that time period is still considered one of WDW’s “slow times.” (the folks who write the Unofficial Guide) have an updated “crowd blog” where they predict crowd levels on a scale of 1-10. Remember that you have Columbus Day weekend in there, which might up crowds a bit. This is the prediction for your dates:

Thursday, October 05, 2006 5
Friday, October 06, 2006 7
Saturday, October 07, 2006 5
Sunday, October 08, 2006 6
Monday, October 09, 2006 5

Having gone for the past three Octobers, I’ve found crowds to be quite bearable–especially at the beginning of the month.


We went the first week in October last year and it was great.


whoohoo that’s my wedding weekend!!!

Ok…just wanted to share.


We’ve been in Oct. and I would say it is moderate attendance.
Oct. 5 & 6 they are having Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party which will bring bigger crowds. Definately get tickets to that if you haven’t already… LOTS of fun!!!
Epcot’s food and Wine festival will still be going on then so that increases crows a little too. We found out that October is half term for the schools in England, Scotland and Wales and that draws a lot of visitors!
October is great though and the weather is very nice!


Crowds aren’t too bad in October. However, there is an annual school holiday in England that brings a wave of families from the UK in the later half of the month, usually. (note to self, next time read all the posts before posting). Remember to take advantage of the extra magic hours, fast passes and priority seatings in order to be able to do more. The weather’s also better, cooler and less rainy than summer. However, as we’ve seen the last few years, hurricanes have happened late in the season. Wilma!!
I wouldn’t be too worried about the Mickey’s Halloween party tickets yet, but I would be planning it in. You do have lots of time to make up your minds.


WElcome to Disney Central. I have been there at that time and the crowds were very easy to deal with. Perfect time to visit WDW. The weather is still warm enough for shorts and the pool. My best touring advice for any time of the year to avoid lines or crowds is to go to the parks when they open, hit the big name attractions before lunch time, have lunch tour some more or head back to your resort for a break…tour later.


Dana, you also can’t beat being able to stay in the Magic Kingdom until midnight. We rode Dumbo till we got sick one night. Try that during the daytime!


Yup, that is a joy for sure. I like getting that touing done in the morning…enjoying my resort in the afternoon and getting my second wind and then back out for the evening action.


Thank you so much! I’m so glad I found a site where I’m able to get great advice from experienced Disney vacationers!


I usually go late Sept./early Oct. (like this year) and I find it’s a great time to go. Still plenty warm to swim but not oppressively hot and the crowds are very light, IMO.

On a side note, I did Space Mountain 3 times in a row late on night. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.


We have went in October several times and the crowds were not that bad and like everyone else has said, the weather is great. Have a great trip!!


we always go last week of Sept / early Oct … best time to go ! low crowd levels, warm weather and the food and wine fest and Halloween Party … can’t beat that : )


:laugh: I was there for Wilma! :laugh:

We go in middle to late October and we love it! :mickey:


We also went oct 3-9 last year… it was hotter than normal and rained all week… but we bought our mickey ponchos and we survived! it was great to walk around with them on while other people were waiting for the rains to end! I definatly recommend one! Crouds weren’t too bad… They were lighter when we went 2nd week in November one year, though…


Not only were we there during Wilma, but Wilma seriously messed up all my plans for a surprise vow renewal. From the minute we arrived on Wednesday, all w could do was watch Weather Channel and track the storm on the Hurricane Center’s website. The TV in the concierge lounge of the Poly must have had Weather Channel on upstairs 24 hours a day. Then we got nailed by the cold front, and I now have a new WDW jacket.