Crowds in Sept


we are going the 2nd week in Sept is it very crowded?


We love going anytime in the fall. The crowds are very manageable. The kids have gone back to school. So it is a wonderful time to be at WDW.


We have been there the second week in September. The crowds are very small and wait times are minimal.


I wonder how much the free dining affects the crowd level in Sept.


I am wondering the same thing. I know that WDW is slower in September, thats why they started to offer free dining BUT does this make the crowds unmanageable?



I think that now they have the free dining, it is just as crowded as a normal summer day. Still worth it though! I would make sure you do all the morning emh.


Second weekend of September is a bit more crowded than the last two. The reason being? The Night of Joy weekend. Add the free dining to the mix and it could be 7-8’s crowd level out of 10. Smart planning will make it manageable.


We were hoping going into September the crowds would be less however with FD and Night of Joy I suppose the crowd levels will be higher than normal for that time of the year. But I know all the UK kids are back in school so it shouldn’t be quite as busy as peak summer holidays.


I don’t know that it’ll be too bad. When I was making my ADR’s, the cast member told me the restaurants tend to be busier during free dining because you have a lot of people making reservations that would never have been there before, but the lines in the parks and number of hotel rooms available were still rather low. I guess we’ll see! :happy:


which is more crowed july or sept?


July is WAY more crowded.


We went last September 14 - 23 and it was much more crowded than we had anticipated. The parks were very manageable, but not empty. I just figured it was the free dining - the restaurants were always packed!


We noticed that the restaurants were packed so make those ADR’s but the ride lines were great. I think the longest we waited was 15 minutes with most things being walk on to 5 minutes.


Last week I was still able to make reservations for friends of mine going the third week in Sept for Hoop Dee Doo. They were able to get all of the dining they wanted except Coral Reef only had later ADRs available. I was also able to make all the reservations I wanted for the end of August/begining of Sept. So, based on that I think that even with free dining the crowds must not be too bad! There were also ADRs available for CRT for dinner (none for breakfast but I knew there wouldn’t be).


When we went two years ago it wasn’t bad, but keep in mind I am used to Great Adventure and Dorney Park… the night we went to MNSSHP seemed to be the worse day for rides.


Let’s face it…it is always going to be busy. We went last year in September is was very manageable. We probably didn’t wait more than 20 mins for a ride. I think that is very good. Just plan your day accordingly. It all works out. The crowds in September even with free dining are way more manageable than anytime in March/April or the summertime.