Crowds June 1


how are the crowds the first week of June we are going May 31 to June 5 for the beginning of star wars. is it as bad as later june?


We have been SEVERAL times this same week. This week will be less busy then later June when all the schools across the US are out, at this point, some of the states are still in session.

Keep in mind this week is a non-disney sponsored gay pride week. If you want to avoid more-crowded parks each day, be sure to check the calander on Gay Day at Disney World Orlando Florida.

We’ll be there the same time you are! Maybe we can meet up for a parade or a show!


that would be great i will let you know when our plans firm up we will be there for the first weekend of star war . my college age daughter really wants to go for star wars. my other college age daughter is working down there for four months in the college program. they still havent released the dates yet for star wars.


We always go this weeks weekend too, as its the weekend the kids in FL get out of school . . . we’ve always had a good time, good weather, low crowds! :wub:


We were there this year, June 1st through the 4th. The crowds were great with the exception of the 4th, which was packed. Not sure why. But, just work the gay days calendar, avoiding crowds by avoiding each park that is on the schedule for each day.


First week should be OK… but after that… PACKED! We usually go the 2nd week of June… and have experienced that first hand.