Crowds labor day week


HI guys haven’t been on in awhile . with trying to help plan a wedding and daily stuff . had a great trip in February and planning another tip in September week of the 9th… question . my daughter and her fiance are planning a trip labor day week as their honeymoon. they get married on September first and plan on leaving the next day… how r the crowds. that week. .


Historically, that is one of the quietest weeks at WDW. It’s still my very favourite time to go…that being said, I don’t think that you can really read the crowd levels at WDW anymore. It seems everytime they have a “slow” period, they throw in an incentive to get people to the parks, but hopefully, it will be a quiet time.


Its been 20 years since I visited the parks during labor day weekend. All research shows that the crowd levels are not too bad.

It certainly isn’t on the list “avoid” :laugh:


:huh: Labor Day is ranked as one of the busier times. In order:

  1. Christmas week (70,000)
  2. Easter weekend (65,000)
  3. Thanksgiving weekend (60,000)
  4. July (55,000)
  5. Labor Day (50,000)

The rest of Sept-early December hovers around 30,000 visitors per day.


We’ve found that the days after the Labor Day weekend Monday are usually lower. The weekend is the last rush many can make before school starts fro the little ones.


Oops. Just reread your post. I thought you were asking about the weekEND. After the holiday itself, it should slow down. Sorry for the misinformation.


Labor Day weekend is the last BIG rush of crowds before it “dies” down for a bit.


I have been down there a couple time during Labor Day weekend and that is why we now go the week BEFORE …lol It’s busy the Thursday before Labor day up until the day after Labor day. After that, it dies down quite a bit. The third week of August is nice…kids are back at school and it’s mostly a bunch of Jersey and NY people …so, maybe not a good time to visit if you don’t like the F word…ok I am kidding.


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We often hit the weeks around that holiday. Like others have mentioned the weekend is busy and it seems more crowded leading up to Labor day than the week after. That holiday seems to be getting more traction each year as becoming a popular time to go.