Crowds Memorial Day weekend/week


I haven’t been to WDW during this week since '95. I would like insight on crowding. We are used to going during Labor Day week which is one of the slowest.

To save money, we cut back our trip a day, but wondering if we will be satisfied with one day less if we have to stand in longer lines. We are doing QS instead of DDP which should help on time too.

I know that will be right in the middle of Star Wars weekends and later in the week, there will activities in Orlando which will bring more people into the parks.

Ideas?? One crowd predictor that I saw rated it a 7. :huh:


Memorial day weekend is going to be crowded. Any holiday at Walt Disney world is. Labor day isn’t quite so much because a lot of the kids are going back to school - not the case with Memorial Day. Labor day brings free dining too…


I would love to go Labor Day weekend again because of the low crowds and free dining. We live in Louisiana and after 3 years of, “will we be able to go???,” we have decided to call it quits for that time of the year. That and DS is in school now. My husband is mandatory special needs shelter duty if a hurricane bad enough comes our way. Now, if he ever changes jobs and mine doesn’t start requiring me to be mandatory, we may give Labor Day another thought. :blush:


We typically go around Labor Day and Memorial Day. My first trip to Walt Disney World was in 1993 during the Memorial Day weekend. Crowd levels at that time were fairly low as I remember not having to wait for too many rides. Through the years we have continued to go around the holiday sometimes the week leading into the holiday, or the week after. We have noticed that the weekend itself is very busy compared to our first trip. Our observation is that the week leading up to the holiday seems to be more crowded. The times that we have left the Saturday before the holiday, we have noticed that it dies off quickly with many people leaving either Monday (the holiday) or Tuesday. Keep in mind that I am a DVC member so the standard resorts may not follow the same pattern. It looks like people use the holiday to extend their vacation. That being said, both holidays are very manageable and in no way should Memorial Day be compared to say, Fourth of July, or the other big days like Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s.


I appreciate any and all insight. :happy:

We will be arriving May 26 and departing June 1. My biggest concern is waiting in lines for rides. Everything else, we can easily take in stride. Transportation to and from parks isn’t too big of a deal except from TTC to MK because we will have our own car if we choose to use it. We also have a Diamond parking pass for use if spaces are available. I don’t know if they black out for Star Wars at HS, but no biggie, we can ride the tram. So maybe it isn’t going to be such a bad deal, fingers crossed. :wub: This was the only week that was feasible for me to take off work other than the week before July 4, and I don’t want to travel around that holiday, plus it will be hotter.


Your big rides will still have about a 45 minute wait and my go up at peek times. With a little planing and a few Fast Passes you should be able to minimize your wait times. The tail end of your vacation will be the least crowded part of your trip. Have fun and take lots of pictures:laugh: