Hiya :slight_smile:

Me and my friend are on independent studies, so we can go to Disneyland during school weeks, which is awesome. When is there the least amount of people? We’re going for the shortest lines possible.



Also, is there a set date on when the Finding Nemo Voyage opens? It’d be great if we could get on that.


Do you mean which day of the week is the least crowded? The answer to that would be Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Or did you mean what time of the year is least crowded? In that case it would typically be whenever school is in session. :happy:

As far as the Sub Voyage, they are still saying summer of 2007…:glare:


Aw, darn. Thanks. Yes, we will be there on weekdays, but I meant which month would be better. We were thinking January… is that good?


January is great! School is in session, so you should be able to beat the crowds, especially since you are planning on going midweek. :smile: