Crowds/Weather @ End of June


Trying to get an idea of what to expect June 22 to June 30.

We are flying down late Thursday evening (still need to get hotel for one night). Our time share at the Orange Lake Country Club (Thanks gjw007 for those maps) starts on 6/23/06. We are hoping to shuttle back to airport from whichever hotel, pick up rental and meander our way, leisurely since we are on vacation, over to OLCC. If we can get into our unit early enough and if it’s too hot, we might just relax at the pool instead of jumping straight into IOA or SW.

Yahoooooo…only 115 more days to melt in the heat :slight_smile: Thanks goodness, I’ve booked the Discovery Cove day. That should cool us off on one of our days. Thanks everyone for your help.


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All I can tell you about is the heat. Be prepared. And watch the tropics - June is pretty well into hurricane season. If you need to, get vacation insurance in case you need to cancel at the last moment because of a storm.

Since June is summer, and schools are out, I would also assume that it’s pretty crowded.


It will be crowded, HOT, and probably wet. Hopefully the Hurricanes will be few this year. Living in Florida, I can tell you that we are really over Hurricanes. But if you go to the park early and maybe take the afternoons off and go back in the evenings you will miss the worst heat. As far as the rain, if you don’t mind getting a little wet you can often find the parks aren’t that bad crowdwise. If you are on a leisurely pace it should work out for you.

Do you have any plans other than your time share yet?


We went the end of June/first part of July last year. It was very crowded and very hot (although our trip also went over 4th of July weekend, so that affected the crowds quite a bit!).

As long as you take it slow, take advantage of the air conditioned rides/shows, and drink alot of water you’ll be fine. I was 5 months pregnant as well, and it didn’t bother me too much. You should have a great time!


One thing that sticks in my mind about June is rain. LOTS of rain. More than summer rain. Like rainy all day instead of one big downpour and then the sun comes out the way you normally find in the summer.

Bring extra shoes, ponchos and umbrellas to survive.


It will be hot and muggy. But it will be Disney.


Yeah…I forgot about the rain! Everyday!! We always had the ponchos handy, but honestly…it felt kinda good sometimes to just get drenched…it really cools you off on those hot days! (Yes, I’m guilty of puddle stomping every now and then!! :whistling )


Oh yes, I’m a stomper.

“Set them freeeeee”


Being as we can expect that kind of heat and humidity…Then I’m a stomper too as will be my two teenagers! They’re crazy like their momma.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the info…I wil be sending 2 cases of water down since we are BIG water drinkers anyway. We go through it like crazy and that’s without any extra heat factor.

The big deal will be getting them moving early am, so we can avoid the afternoon heat issue. They are NOT morning peoples. Hehehee…but if we discuss and plan (me being the obsessive planner), I might be able to get them going by 10am LOL! Maybe…I did anticipate the crowds though, so I’ll let them know this would avoid some of the crowds as well.

I vote for naps and cooling off in the pool each afternoon before heading back out to play!

Thanks again y’all


Very crowded and very hot and sticky! But hey you are at WDW enjoy it.


I love going to parks on rainy days.
Cooler weather, and the best part… unprepared people leave. :smiley:

What I like better is when I’m on the top of a rollercoaster and it starts to rain!


We were thinking the same thing- ship down a case or 2 of water bottles. Is it safe to UPS them? Will they break or split open in transit? I’m curious, how do you package them?


They ship well…I had done this for our 2002 trip…sent 1 case of waters, some snacks, etc and everything arrived fine. Just find a carton close to the size of the case of waters and pack snacks on top. Just check with your hotel on how they want the package marked. They will hold it for your arrival. Check with UPS on how long Ground shipments take from your location to orlando and plan to have the box ready accordingly. Ground is the cheapest way to go with weighty boxes. I’m lucky since I can ship mine from work and it generally takes 4-5 days ground to get from Philadelphia to Orlando.

63 days and counting :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:


One of the best tips I can give you is to arrive at the parks when they open. Just getting going by 10 seems a little late… Even though we are night owls, I know being up early can make the day so much better at WDW!

I know that this is vacation, but WDW is not the place to sleep late on park days…


Did we mention it will be HOT? Africa hot.
And the rain will be like Forestt Gump rain.


We’ll be there in July, since we’re from Seattle, looking forward to some warm/hot rain. Can’t wait!


YOU are gonna have a blast! The stories/tips about heading to the rides when the heavens open - Too True! With the exception of my camera getting wet, this was a blast. The rain is warm, everyone heads for cover, so you walk onto rides.


Stop! I’m already too excited already!