Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resorts


Thanks to Priceline, I was able to enjoy a comfortable room at the Crown Plaza in Garden Grove, just across the street from the Hyatt Regency.

Convenience is the name of the game. Located across Harbor Drive is TARGET, so you don’t have to go out of your way for odds and ends. :cool:

Further East, of course, is the Krispy Kreme near the crystal cathedral, so that’s nearby as well. Joe’s Crab Shop and an Outback Steakhouse is located nearby, and a CoCo’s diner for breakfast… :wub:

The neatest thing about the Crown Plaza, though, is the “universal resort fee”. The Hyatt, the Hilton, you get charged $11.00 or $12.00 just for parking. Then another couple of bucks for the internet…

At Crown Plaza, it’s $9.00 for everything. Parking, gym, internet use at the business center. A very pleasant surprise. :happy:

I think it would be the cheapest parking anyway, but add three internet computers on the lobby floor without additional fees helps those of us with issues deal with problems and communicate with the outside world while at the Happiest Place on Earth! :cool:


In that same center where the Krispy Kreme store is, there is a great shabu shabu place!!!


Shabu shabu = tasty goodness. :wub: I’d rather have that than Krispy Kremes! :laugh:


Me too! I’m um…not a fan of K.K.:blush:


You’ll probably think I’ve been living in a cave but, what is Shabu shabu?:blush:


Neither am I.

Loretta, shabu shabu is an Asian hotpot dish (I’ve had Japanese and Korean versions). You cook meat and vegetables in a pot of simmering stock, then you eat them. After you’ve cooked everything, you can drink the remaining stock like a soup, as it’s taken on the flavors of the things that have cooked in it. Good stuff!

P.S. in order to avoid shameless threadjacking: I’ve stayed at several Crowne Plaza facilities and have always been happy with them. The one I stayed at in L.A. had the comfiest bed this side of Westin’s.