CRT Breakfast & Extra Magic Hour


Extra magic hour is schedule at the MK for the morning that I am hoping to get AR at CRT for character breakfast. Will this mean that if my reservation is at 8:00 the park will be crowded when we get finished eating. Should I try for a day that extra magic hour is not schedules?

We have typically eaten and been done by the rope drop.


When we did CRT we did it on a non-EMH day so we could enjoy that magical walk up Main Street nearly alone. I have booked CRT at 8:05 or 8:10 three different time and each time we were done and behind a rope in the castle waiting to be let out. Once we were done with breakfast we walked the 10-15 steps to Tinker Bell’s Treasures and woke Tink up. That was as cool as breakfast in the castle.

If you go on a EMH day the lines will have had at least an hour to build while you are eating breakfast. Depending on the time of year you are going that can be a big deal.


I would try to get the last available seating for CRT which I think is 10:30 or 11am. That way you can do all the fantasyland attractions and then some before heading to breakfast. Do leave the park after breakfast and hop to another or take a break. The MK get very busy on EE days around lunch time.


I’d either go with Dana’s plan or book CRT on a non-EMH day so you don’t miss out on a prime hour of park touring.


I always take the earliest we can get. I like being the first in line to see the Princesses and after breakfast we can get through Fantastyland really easy compared to later in the day when the lines are long. :mickey: