CRT Differences - Lunch vs. B'fast?


I know this is sick… already doing pre-planning for our next trip in March 2007… :blush:

Besides the food, are there any differences between Cinderella’s Royal Table Breakfast and Lunch? I’m assuming there isn’t, but I wanted to be sure.

We did the lunch a few weeks ago and loved it. They did a cute wishing ceremony at some point. If the breakfast was different in some way, we’d probably give it a try… otherwise, we’ll just stick with lunch.




Don’t know about the breakfast, but we did lunch. The food was good and the princesses were great!


We have never ate lunch there but have been to breakfast. We enjoy the food and the princesses, there is a little ceremony. Don’t know if they take the picture at lunch but at breakfast you get your picture taken. It is included in the price of breakfast and if you are using the dining plan the cost is 2 of your table service’s. :mickey:


I don’t know the answer but you should never say such a thing! You make perfect sense to us!