CrT for breakfast


How does the all you can eat work? I know its not a buffet or a standard Disney all you can eat skillet. Is that a weird question.


I’m pretty sure it is family style… meaning they bring a platter of food to your table. You could always ask for more.


I recall breakfast being plated and when you wanted more of something, you had to ask your server to bring more, and they would.


Thad what I thought…but is it like olive garden all you can eat…where you have to eat all of the same thing lol. Cause I have my eye on the lobster and crab crepes and the baked quiche lol. I just hope the food for breakfast is better than the food for dinner. We went in October and weren’t thrilled.


When we went, each of us ordered what we liked, and then afterwards, ordered another plate of different food and shared, just to taste test everything. Was not a problem at all. The CM was happy to bring more.


You ask for more of what you like. They don’t bring it ALL over again.