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Hi all! I have an ADR for CRT on 12/31 for dinner.after looking at the menu I don’t really see anything good. Well I like chicken but not too sure about the lavender. Does anyone know if we can order off the lunch menu? Can anyone tell me their fav from the dinner menu? I know I should have looked at the menu before booking but I wanted our last meal of the year in the castle :wub:


I am almost 100% sure they won’t let you order off a lunch menu during dinner time. Did you consider trying to change it to a lunch ADR? Are you using the dining plan? I personally don’t think the food would be worth 2 table service credits but the dining room is beautiful & it’s a nice experience to eat there. I haven’t been in a couple years but I just looked at the dinner menu; if it were me I’d go simple & choose the steak with au gratin potatoes or the pork tenderloin which sounds pretty good.


Steak??? I didn’t see steak. Is that the prime rib? Isn’t that bloody?? Yes I have the DDP but I needed the plan and couldn’t think of anywhere else to go besides the places we have but the kids wanted to so its ok. Everything was sooooo booked up everywhere. I could only get dinner and I was lucky with that since I booked soooooo late especally for new years eve


The grilled pork tenderloin should be pretty safe. Prime rib doesn’t have to be bloody and rare, you can ask for it to be a little more done.


I guess I will have to glance at everyones table to see what they have before ordering.:laugh: I’m a little strange with red meat


We just had dinner at CRT on Dec. 3. There were 4 adults. The food was much better than we had anticipated. For appetizers, we had one BLT Salad, one Castle Salad and 2 had the Vegetable Spring Rolls. My daughter who had the Vegetable Spring Roll really loved it. Everyone enjoyed their appetizers. Pork Tenderloin was not on the menu when we were there. It was a pork chop which was very thick and tender and it was fabulous. One person had the Lamb Chops, 2 had the pork chop and my daughter had the Lemon Lavender Chicken. Even though she’s an adult, she can be quite picky and she really liked it and said the flavouring was very subtle. For dessert, 3 had the Chocolate Cream Cheese Buckle and one had the Raspberry Sorbet. The Cream Cheese Buckle was okay, but personally, next time I would have the Raspberry Sorbet. I was very impressed by the dinner and the service, and of course the setting can’t be beat. All in all, after reading many negative reviews, I was quite impressed with the meal.


Thanks so much for the advise. I’m pretty such sold on the chicken. Welcome to MB


You can only order off the dinner menu.