Crt -- I Got The Resie! But Oh It Hurt!


Okay… CRT was a non-option for us…IT IS A MUST!!

I have two little girls that if they did not get to eat in the castle with Cinderella then Cinderella would have lied and stopped loving them! You see they have a postcard (thanks to a buddy of DC) from Cinderella that says she is looking forward to seeing them at Breakfast…

Well of course being the awesome Dad that I am I made an ADR tonight… but boy did it hurt… 135.40 later I have lunch scheduled in May and it’s paid for!! :noo: :noo: :noo: :noo: :noo: :angel:


A love affair with a Princess isn’t cheap. They are pretty high maintenance.


Years from now, you will remember the smiles on their faces when they saw Cinderella at lunch! And they will remember what their Dad did for them at WDW. Memories are priceless!


But look at it this way…you’ll soon forget about the dining bill, but the memories you will have will last a lifetime…for you AND your Girls!!! You’re such a good daddy!! :heart:


Oh what we do for our kids! Good for you. Your girls will be so thrilled.


This has been edited because I don’t need 2 pages of people telling me I’m a bad parent. :fork_off: :fork_off:


WHOO HOO, Ron! I know you wanted your daughters to have a meal in the Castle with Cindy!!! CONGRATS on the ressie!


Oh!!! MickeyRon! You’re going to go BONKERS when you get there!! You’re a great dad! :heart:


What a great dad…yeah we princess are pretty high maintenance :shy:
Your girls will treasure this memory for a lifetime, congrats!


Congrats Ron!

You are a great Dad , and I feel your pain with the cost.


Wait until your princesses get older. I’m shelling out $120 bucks to take DD16 and her friend to a “fall out boy” concert. And of course I wont let them go alone, so that means not only do I have to pay but I have to sit through the concert! (and I use to think Barney was bad)


After CRT, my little DS waled around MK for the rest of the day with Snow’s big red smooch mark on his little cheek! A perfect kiss print! It was SO worth the $$$, the wait on the phone, and everything else!!!
You will be so happy you did it! :wub:


Oh, don’t let the grump make you feel bad!!! :angel:

Your daughters will be SO EXCITED and it’s a VACATION!! They can’t meet the Princesses in Cinderella’s Castle everyday. Don’t forget also that eventually they will be “too cool for school” and won’t want to be caught dead near the Princesses. Enjoy it while they are young and take TONS of pictures!!!

What an awesome dad!!! :heart:


Ron you will forget how much it costs when you see the look on your precious daughters facess . Look at it this way one meal is taken care of when you go to Disney so you can save more money for souvinears lol


Or you can rent the movie, buy a happy meal, sit the kids in real close to the tv and tell them " this is the same thing" :tongue:

I’m just trying to get “the cheapest” award…Did I win???

Really I would like to eat there for me, but I am too cheap for a set menu thing. I’d be afraid I would have spent extra for food I didn’t care for.

But when my kids were little (20 years ago) we took them. We have a precious picture of two blond hair kids with Cinderella on the fridge----- Because my kids now have med to dark brown hair, my SIL didn’t know it was his wife.

Just don’t go crazy thinking you have to do everymeal. CRT is a special treat.


ROTFL!!! Somehow, that seems like something Cavey would say. :tongue:


Good for you Ron! The pain will soon subside! And they won’t be little forever, so I choose to suck up my own tears of pain and spoil them silly while she still lets me! One day, I’m sure they’ll be more interested in RNR then CRT!!


Sure blame it on the daughters. We all know that you are going to MACK on Cindy! :wink:
Have fun!


You are cheap. You need to let her eat IN THE CASTLE!!!
Little girls get so excited about being there…and it is worth it. :biggrin:

Good for you MickeyRon!! I hope we can snag ressies soon!


You can’t take $$ with you when you die but you can leave your family with lasting wonderful memories. Why not spend it while you can, make them smile with true joy while you can, and soak every moment up. Life is way too short too stress over it. This is my dad’s saying: “I’ll make more ($) when I get back”