CRT or Princess Storybook?


OK, I know that seems like an easy question, but it’s not that cut and dry.

On Day 4, the night after we go to MVMCP, we’re planning on going to Epcot for at least half the day. We would have already been to MK on Day 2 and all night the night before for MVMCP.

So, that would seem to suggest that we do the Princess Storybook CB. However, I’ve read some lukewarm reviews about the Storybook breakfast and we’ve never been to CRT… ever. Since we’re staying at the Contemporary on nights 3 and 4, then MK first thing in the morning is VERY convenient.

I’m so confused! :huh: :confused:

Any suggestions?


I have never been to the Storybook breakfast, but we did do CRT last spring.
It was so wonderful. I have a 3 yo DD and she was in heaven. The food was pretty good and the princesses did alot of interaction. My DD got a big hug and a kiss from all the princesses in the room - Snow White, Belle, Aurora, Mary Poppins and her favorite, Cinderella! It is also pretty cool being inside the castle.



I went to both last trip and CRT is WAY better. I didn’t like the PSB. I found the service to be slower than a snail and the seating horrible! I felt like I was in a sardine box and for someone who hates crammed spaces like me, it was torture. The food was very good however, but you couldn’t pay me to go back there. My experiece may have been an isolated one, because everyone else seems to like it on here.


I dont know anything about Storybook but all I can say is that there is something special about eating in the castle with the princesses! :smile:


I just returned from WDW last week and was able to attend CRT for the first time.

Maybe we were expecting too much, but we thought the food was mediocre at best, the character interaction was the worst of any character meal, and that the seating was SO cramped that we were hit with flying food from the toddler sitting at the table next to us.

The princesses there were Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Mary Poppins, and Wendy. None of them were anything special. As a matter of fact, when my 4yo dd saw Cinderella the next day (a different one) she said “She was nicer today”.

I have been to PSB three times and each time has been better than the time before. I can honestly say, we will only be going to PSB from now on. There is a greater choice of food, the characters were not as rushed, and we never felt like we were eating with the table next to us (like we did at CRT). The last time we were there the princesses were Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Mulan, Mary Poppins, and Belle .

Our experience may have been isolated at CRT but we were EXTREMELY unimpressed and have no desire to try that again.

Good Luck with your decision!!!



This thread was supposed to HELP me!!! :eek:

Hmmmm… well… DW, DS, DD and myself discussed this last night and we’re going to try and get CRT. Does the reservation line open at 7am on Sundays as well? 90 days will be a week from this coming Sunday and I want to make sure that I’m prepared. I’ll have DW on one line and I’ll man the other line and my cell phone. Hmmm… DW has a cell phone too… we may need help from DS on this one. :wink:

Amy, I’ve heard more stories of PSB being cramped than CRT, so despite your experience, we’ll go for CRT. OTOH, now that I’ve heard that you’ve been to PSB more than once and have enjoyed it more each time, I’ll be comforted if I’m not able to get the CRT seating.

Wish me luck! :mickey:


Altho I loved eating in the castle, I felt very much like you Amy!! The food was very mediocre, the princesses seemed a bit rushed and talk about crammed in!!! I am glad we tried it but this trip we will be trying PSB, partially for something different and partially we will be going to Epcot that day!!!

I would say if you had never done it you might want to try it but it is very high priced for what you get!!!


Merlinmatt, the lines open at 7 am on Sundays too!!! Good Luck!!!


I say go for it!!! Like I said, ours may have been an isolated experience.

But if in some cruel twist of fate, you do not get a chance to go, give the PSB a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

OH!!! If you do not get into CRT and do not want to try PSB, don’t forget that the Grand Floridian has a Cinderella dinner with Cindy, the mice, and I think the Fairy Godmother. I have never been, but it is another option!

Good Luck!!!


Matt, I would definitly do CRT. I have not been to PSB, but it couldn’t be as good as CRT. The call center will be open on Sunday. They are open everyday of the year at 7:00am. Even Christmas day. You should have better luck getting CRT ressies on a Sunday morning.

Good Luck!!



Thanks for the comments. I was convinced that we were the only people on the planet who weren’t that happy with our breakfast.

Enjoy PSB! We have always had a good time there. The breakfast does not come preplated like at CRT. It is served in skillets (making it much easier to serve kids IMHO). The potatoes are TO DIE FOR!!! YUMMY!!!

Have fun!!!


Jeff!!! Where you been man?

Thanks for the post. I just did a “test run” to make sure I knew the correct entries to get into the queue as fast as possible.

There is no limit to my OCB. :wink:


I am a card carrying member of the OCB club. :blush: Too bad I don’t have a trip to plan.


How many are you trying to get seating for?
Since I have 2 boys and only 1 DD, my DH and I split up.
Just us girls went to CRT (2 of us).
We called about 30 days ahead of time and had no problem
getting PSs at CRT for 2. And this was during spring break mayhem.



We always eat together, so it will be for the 4 of us. DS isn’t thrilled about the whole princess thing, but he did agree that it would be pretty cool to eat in the castle. :mickey:


My DSs and my DH preferred to use the EMH and hit SM whilst we were dining with princesses.

I guess I should have clarified - we got lucky with our short sightedness, but we only had 2 to seat.