CRT Photo Package


We are doing the CRT lunch again this year and I understand there is a photo package included. Can someone tell me about that?


We did it for breakfast. We received a 6X8 and of us with Cinderella, an 6X8 of the Castle and four 4X6’s of us with Cinderella. All pictures of us and Cinderella were the same picture. :mickey:


If you are on the dining plan, it will count as 2 meals and I am told you will have to pay for it in advance to hold it. Once you show up, your card is not charged. It was a great thing for 1 meal, and if your picture did not turn out you did not have to buy it. I don’t think we will do it again on our next trip, but we have done it the last three trips, so I could be biased.


It is a very nice package, I think it cost me $30.00 which was a lot, but when I saw it I liked so I got it. It was the picture my daughter took in the lobby with Cindy and a very nice picture of the Castle in a very nice holder.