CRT to make Dinner chracter meal too


Just read that CRT will now be a character dining experience for all meals from today. Personally i am not sure how I feel about this. It was kinda nice being able to go there for a romantic meal in the evening y’know? Now that the characters are going to be there for this meal also kinda puts the kibosh on this for me. What does everyone else think?
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Considering it is still a hard ticket to get, I like the idea. It may make it easier for parents to make an ADR for their princesses now that there is another character option. We have were only able to make it once to the breakfast.


Oh Poll, you old romantic you!!!-I am keeping quiet cos I only went once for lunch and hated it :frowning: the castle was great, the characters were fun, but our food was awful, so breakfast lunch dinner, characters or not …dont really matter to me :slight_smile: see your point though Polly.


Yeah, I agree. It’s overpriced and the food isn’t that great. I know CRT has been difficult to book in the past, but recently, I’ve seen so much availability there. Used to, you had to call exactly 180 days in advance, and even then, you might not get an ADR. But CRT has popped up as an alternative choice for CM and O’hana character meals several times that I have been shopping for ADRs online… it was an alternative choice for breakfast on New Year’s Eve! Craziness!

But, I do feel sorry for all of the guys that want to have a romantic proposal at CRT because the characters bring along noise and children. However, they’re proposing at WDW, so they should expect noise and children. The characters will probably just add to the excitement of the proposal. And that way, the characters can congratulate the couple!