CRT with DDP or OOP


Hi all! :happy: First, I just wanted to mention that my family and I are going on our first ever trip to WDW in September! Yay! I’m beyond excited. We haven’t had any trouble making TS reservations around traditional dinnertime at all yet.

Anyway, I read on one of the boards somewhere that some of you recommend paying for CRT out of pocket instead of using 2TS credits each. We are going for dinner for dd’s birthday. Do you think she will still enjoy it at dinnertime? Also, we thought she could share with us b/c I don’t think she would like any of the choices on the kid’s menu (and the choices aren’t worth the cost either). So, we were thinking of using 2TS for one adult and paying OOP for the other, so we could hit another restaurant another day. Any thoughts or advice?



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I’m sure I’m one of the people who said I didn’t think CRT was worth 2 TS credits, especially breakfast. Dinner comes with an appetizer and a dessert so it’s worth a little more than breakfast and costs more to pay OOP.

I look at the price of the other restaurants that cost 2 TS credits and I dont think CRT costs as much as the others. Hoop Dee Doo is $50 per adult compared to $31.99 for breakfast at CRT. Since you’re going for dinner I think it’s a toss up but I’m still leaning toward paying out of pocket if you can use the credits another day.


Oh, also, do you think they’d have a problem with her sharing with us instead of getting her own meal?


I didn’t think CRT was worth two credits? I would do Hoop de doo or Aloha, if you want to use two?


How old is she? Breakfast is all you can eat so sharing will be a problem. Lunch and dinner are not all you can eat so sharing should be ok at those times.


I would save the credits for another day. For me, it’s just a guilt thing… if I had the 2 credits for a dinner and I used it for a special option like CRT, I would probably shy away from another special meal and find a way to skimp instead… But since CRT is more of an “experience with food included”, I could trick myself into thinking I was paying out of pocket for the fun instead of the meal… freeing up 2 guilt-free credits for a special dinner elsewhere…
does that make any sense??? :blink: :wacko: :blink: :wacko:


All I can say is I’m glad I ate in the castle on the free dining plan before it went to 2 TS credits.


I’d pay OOP for sure.