I tried to make the only ADR that I can make right now (due to the change over of the system) - Cinderella’s Royal Table breakfast (in june) - but i didn’t realize you have to pay in full for it, at the time of booking! I thought we would need to secure it with a credit card, but guess I missed reading that it was pay in full now…:sad: i have to wait until after Christmas i guess, and hope there are some spots still available! this totally messes up my whole plan, as i can’t book it, and so i can’t plan the rest of the days/meals since this is the tough one to book. :noo::noo::noo::noo::noo::noo:

ok, sorry - just had to vent and be sure others know its pay in full at time of booking too! i am sure there are other threads discussing it - sorry for the repeat!


I wonder when this started? Even though you are on the DDP???


I have it booked for Dec 31 and didn’t have to pay in advanced. They did require a cc to hold it


I would tell them you are on the Dining Plan and will be using that to cover the cost of the meal. Once you have the $ to pay for it after Xmas- call back and tell them that you will be paying for it instead of doing the Dining plan. This way you will still have your ADR and you can pay for it later!

They will need your CC # to hold the ADR, but they will not charge it.


tink - we are not on the ddp. i think if we were, we’d just have to have a cc to hold it, like before. i was shocked i had to pay in full - i have no idea when that started!

hmmm…i did consider telling her we’d be on ddp, just to see if i still had to pay in full (you know, in the interest of information sharing…hahaha). maybe that would work…


We just booked CRT on the weekend for our trip in June. Even though we have the dining plan, we are not using our dining credits for CRT (we’re doing Artist Point - 2 credits each on DDP). The entire amount for CRT was put through on my credit card. If you are using DDP credits, they just take your credit card number, but don’t put the amount through.


We had to pay in advance for our crt reservations as well. Were going first of May. If you have a Disney Visa card, can’t you book it and take up to 6 months to pay for it without incurring any finance charges? (I thought it was any disney parks reservation that came as a perk of having a disney visa card) Could that be a way that you could book it now and pay for it after christmas?