CRT/Cinderellabration timing issues?


I booked an ADR for CRT’s at 9:30am, then noticed Cinderellabration is scheduled to start at 9:40am. What kind of problems/extended wait time should I expect? Has anyone experienced this?


Haven’t experienced it, but I think I’d just try to check in for the ADR a little bit early.


I’m sure you will be fine. If you go around to the back of the castle you are right at the check in desk for CRT.


Its no pob, just go around or show up way earlier just to make sure.


Problems? Those fireworks sound like gunshots and might disturb your breakfast. :whistling


No problem, just go around to the back of the castle. I noted Cinderellabration did not seem to effect crowds when we were there.


I mean problems more along the line of not seeing the characters. If the princesses are all out dong the show, they can’t be at the breakfast at the same time, & I’d hate to waste a couple of hours waiting for them to do the show, get changes, & return to the restaurant.


Oh, that’s a good point!

The show is very short (10-15 minutes). But I don’t know what they do for diners during the meal.

Anyone have a direct phone number for CRT (I wouldn’t trust a CM from the ADR’s to know that one)?


um… that would seem like a prob, but I have seen characters in two places at once. :pinch:


Ditto :angel:


I’ve also seen characters in more than 1 place, but not within viewing distance of each other. When we did Belle’s storytime, they made it a point after the show that she had to be off the stage before the next show at the castle started.


My understanding is only one face character is used per park, per day. Am I wrong? (Wouldn’t be the first time. :tongue:)


I have actually seen them both in different places in viewing distances :pinch: It was a big huge DUH! in disney’s part.