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I hope Mickey will leave this here. I am not writing so much a trip report as much as a first time cruisers impressions of our voyage. We just returned from a combination 4 day WDW / 3 day Cruise aboard the Disney Wonder.

When you arrive at your resort there is an area where you can check in for your cruise. This is the same area where you meet to travel to the cruise. On the day you are sheduled to leave, you tag all your luggage and have it ready by the door by 8:00am. A cast member arrives, picks up your things and the next time you see them is when they are delivered to your stateroom aboard the ship. A word to the wise. Be sure to pack some swim wear and reading material in a daybag that you then carry onboard with you. Our bags did not make it to our room until about 6:00pm ( which was not a problem as we were prepared and there was soo much to keep us busy till then!)

(Hint # 1: Don’t over pack period. You are not going to need anywhere near the number of clothes you might think! We took a total of 6 pieces of luggage for the 3 of us and it was WAY too much )

Well, the meals are first class, the food at Parrot Cay and Animators Palace were as good as any fine resturant I’ve been to. Both the fish and steak meals were a treat. Triton’s was a mixed bag. My steak was exceptional, my DW & DD fish were not as good as the other resturants. We dressed in what could be called business casual attire for Parrot Cay and Animators Palace, and I wore a suit for Tritons. However there was really no formal dress code and I saw everything from jeans to semi formal wear each evening.

A special THANK YOU for Bhoolah our dining captain and Fortune our head waiter. When we first went to dinner we told Fortune that our DD has a nut allergy and that it can be life threatening. He got our dining captain and from that point on whenever we sat down to a meal Bhoolah would personally take my DD’s order and take it to the kitchen to make sure it was not prepared with any nuts or even in cookware that had been used to prepare food with nuts. He further instructed us to ask for the cook at any of the buffets and they then walked DD thru the line showing what see could and could not eat. Finally one night my DW had a fish dish and my DD had a pasta dish. She asked Fortune if she could sample my DWs plate and he said he would check first. He then returned with a complete fish meal prepared just for her. Everyone at the table shared and it was both special and tasty!

(Hint #2: If you get a craving for a midnight snack and the pizza and burger bars by the pool do not appeal to you, room service is FREE and very fast. I ordered a nice snack one evening and had it 15 minutes later, you are expected to tip for it)

(Hint #3: At the end of the trip you can take advantage of a tipping service that is then charged to your credit card. The “normal” tip is shown. Due to the outstanding help we had with DDs needs we went a little overboard, but the staff reall seemed to appreciate it)

Do not miss the Hercules show, man I haven’t laughed that much in a while. We choose to skip the “Golden Mickeys” and the other show, but that was due to my becoming ill with the flu.

(Hint #4: Get to the show a little early as it is open seating)

Several folks have asked me about seasickness. We had pretty rough water one day and the sensation was very much like being on an airplane. There is a constant, but barely preceptible motion to the boat and every now and then you get that “cross step” feeling like when a plane hits an air pocket. No one I spoke to on the boat gave it a second thought. I would definatly say it was smooth sailing.

(more to come)



Keep it coming! We are taking our 1st Disney Cruise in Nov so any info is great!!

Thank you!! :cool:


Thanks for your impressions…can’t wait to hear more:)


This is great GrumpyDad. We’re hopefully taking our first cruise next spring and need all the info we can get before making the FINAL decision. :mickey:


hey great thread! I’m hoping to take a Disney Cruise next year and this is great to know what to expect…keep it coming :mickey:


I almost PMed you today to see how your trip was. Look forward to reading more!


It sounds like you had a great time. I want to hear moew,GD!!!



There is an area for teens called Aloft. It took my daughter the first day to get there and meet some other kids her own age. Once she did, they had a tremendous time. Only knock is that the place stays open really late and the kids did not want to come back to the state room until 2 each morning. We allowed it as long as she checked in periodicly.

(Hint #5 : Your cell phones don’t work on the boat. Either get a good set of Walkie-Talkies or make arrangements to be called at certain times)

For the adults there are several lounges including three “nightclub” type rooms. We enjoyed the more low key areas where we could sit and talk (what a noval experiance) or read. There are stage shows each night and first run Disney movies throughout the afternoon and evening. The shops on board are not open during the day, but hey you are supposed to be out and about not shopping on the boat, LOL. And of course there is food whenever you want it.

(Hint #6: Drinks are expensive on board, really tasty, but really expensive. Rum Runners were $9.50, Bloody Marys and 12 year old Scotch were $7.50. If you enjoy a late night cocktail you might want to BYOB)

On deck in the evening there was dancing, live bands, and one night even pirates, and fireworks one night. If you are a people person you can really have a ball, but even if you like a bit more solitude there are lots of spots where you can watch the fun without the press of humanity.

Ok this is MY IMPRESSION ONLY! While my DD enjoyed herself, had she been a little younger (12 or under), she would have had the time of her life! The Oceaneers Club is one of the coolest places I have ever seen for preteens. I wanted to hang out there, but parents are not allowed. One day they even had a twist on soap box derby racing. Rather then wood, the kids built the cars with vegatables! It was a hoot!

Also, for the little kids, there are character meetings ALL-DAY! ! ! The real little ones have there own space and all I can say is we passed this area as well as several cast memeber led groups and not once the entire cruise did I hear a crying child. Think about that for a minute. We all hear them at the parks, but on the cruise they were just laughing and having a great time.

What was unique is that there were about 3,000.00 people on board with about 1,250 of them being children and yet you would see most parents by themselves until dinner time. The kids really wanted to hang with their groups. And again I have nothing but praise for the cast memebers for each age group!


After experiancing 5 days of near 80 degree temps and clear blue skys something I didn’t expect was rain and cold. But that’s what we got. We made a mistake at Nassua and choose NOT to sign up for any of the excursions, we tend to like to explore on our own, not the right choice. Instead we slept in a little and then we planned to go ashore, no good, HUGE winds, 40 degree temps, and driving rain. So back to the ship, DD went back to the teen hang out and DW and I found a nice quite lounge to read in. Later in the day, after the rain cleared, we decided to see what kind of deals we could get. When you first get off the boat there is a tourist section, folks there are no deals there! You really do have to do one of the shopping excursions that takes you to “Paradise Island” where Atlantis is. That is where the deals are. We had fun none the less, but I did keep the girls in front of me the whole time so I could keep an eye on them.

(Hint #7: Be sure to set aside about $100.00 per person to do a group led excursion while you are there. )

(more to come)


Keep it coming!! I agree with you some of the activities in the Oceaneers Club looked sooo cool! Made me wish I was a kid so I could join the fun:)


This is terrific and really really helpful!

But I still think it’s all part of your evil plot to hypontize us all with your avatar.


Harry -
You are making me want to take the cruise…lol It sounds perfect. I can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts. :heart:


Excellent review of the cruise Harry.
Great tips also.


What a great review, I can’t wait to read more.


Thanks for posting this review. We have been thinking about taking a cruise some day. I can’t wait to hear more.


Thanks for the ideas and tips. We’ve been thinking of doing a cruise for a while. Just haven’t taken the plunge yet. But this might get us going.


I’m really enjoying this. I love all the hints. I’m a info freak.


Great report GrumpyDad!

You are SO right about not needing as much luggage as you think you do! Also the wait staff really are as brilliant as GrumpyDad says folks! They even remember your name, and if you have children with you, the interraction between them and your wait staff is priceless!

All in all, your first impressions as a first time Disney cruiser mirror my own! I’m sorry to hear that you got the flu!

Oh, and that Hercules show IS absolutely hilarious!!


GD, more more more! This is sucha great CR (cruise report :laugh:) I can’t wait untill I get to take one next year!!!


C’mon,Harry,where’s the rest of the report???


I’m glad you enjoyed your voyage! My family and I went on the cruise a couple years ago and loved it! Keep the report comin!