Cruise in the Lagoon with Peter Pan?


Need feedback on the fireworks cruise in the lagoon with Peter Pan. We are thinking of doing this when we go in October. Four year old niece will be with us. . .is this age appropriate? Is there food? Is it worth the cost? Thanks!


I have never done the Fireworks and Pals cruise but we have done 4 private fireworks cruises which were fabulous! 3 of those were MK fireworks cruises where we did see the Pals cruise. Everyone seemed to be having a blast. From the information I’ve seen they do have a reception with snacks prior to the cruise. On the private ones, you have chips, popcorn, granola bars, popcorn, pretzels, soda and water. Google it and you should find some of the reviews that I found with great pictures, etc. It looks like alot of fun!