Cruise Ship Secrets discovered


So I have been doing a lot of research for our cruise on the Wonder and I came across this tidbit of information from CASTAWAYCLUB.COM

"Here are photos of the obstructed veranda staterooms. Originally, they were sold as Category 6, but recently they were reclassified as Category 7. However, unlike the Cat. 7 Navigators verandahs, which are more enclosed, these staterooms have the “regular” plexiglass verandah rail. The four staterooms are: 6134, 6634, 7120, 7620. "

Guess which one is ours…7120 yay:cool:


Oh my gosh… I had no idea you had this much planning done! Oh, this is going to be wonderful, and I know you are really going to enjoy such luxury!


Check out the pics of the Tropical Rainforest room in the Spa… OMG!


We did the cruise last November, it was awesome, and we had 2 inside cabins that we were amazed at how large and comfortable they were, although we ONLY went there to change clothes and crash (sleep like the dead) so next year when we go I will definately save on the cabin cause we didn’t stay in it one bit. Make sure you go to the Pirate Party, as Mickey gives you a great surprise.


I definitely agree with you on the saving part and all that jazz. But this year, we’re going without the kids, so I thought I should splurge, because knowing my DH, he will just enjoy his surroundings and a book. He needs nothing else to be happy. Does that make any sense?

Oh and another reason for me to pick the deluxe room was the fact that it actually turned out much less expensive than the quote I got for an inside room and moderate resort. Don’t ask me how that worked - I didn’t check


Once I put my mind to something (rare occasion) I obsess and can’t stop until it’s in the bag and all thought through :cool:
DH always says “you fixate, shweety!” :laugh:


Iris, you’re going on a cruise without the kids, and your dh is going to read? Should I feel sorry for you or not? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :huh:


I know that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? He always has a book in his face. If there’s nothing to buy at Borders, he’ll read new/old tech manuals. He’s addicted to reading :laugh:
No, he’ll be sitting at the Beach Club, enjoying the neighborhood, drink and book in hand while I do my thing :wink:


Dopey, my pet, you won’t be sorry. We always splurge for a balcony and the deluxe rooms on the Disney ships are wonderful. On our last Disney cruise, as we were pulling out to sea, the dolphins were swimming along side the ship, like they were guiding us. It made me cry.:crying: Also, if you want to get away from the crowds for a while and still be outside, nothing is nicer than sitting on your balcony and reading. Maybe have a glass of wine…You’ll have an AMAZING time.


All I can say is WOW!! I am really excited for you. Not jealous one bit.:happy:


You are going to absolutely LOVE my boat…yup- its mine… the kids gave it to me for my 30th birthday. But Im always willing to share and all…LOL


That’s exactly what I had envisioned. I cannot wait but I’ll be :cool: about it:blush:


Don’t be jealous, book one too. It’s next year. Things look better by then. It’s not all that expensive either. I was surprised :blink:


Heeheee, thank you so much. You’re a doll :wub:


Well, you’ve always been :cool: .