Cruising Tips


I’ve been perusing Cruise Sites and I’m getting some really good tips: Stuff I’ve never thought of, yet have dealt with on cruises:

Here’s 2 that I think are terrific.

  1. Buy a cheap shoe holder (the kind with about 12 compartments for shoes) and hang it on the back of the bathroom door and use it for cosmetics, toiletries, etc. The bathrooms in cabins are so small, with NO storage, this can hold a lot of stuff (even your shoes, if you want)

  2. A cheap pop-up hamper to throw your dirty clothes in.

More tips are welcome!


LLama, love #1 what a great idea!


That’s nice.

Okay… I got this from Ultimate Guide, and it was meant for Disney, but it’s brilliant. On our last trip, there were only two outlets in our room and we had four cameras and four cell phones to charge, not to mention a curling iron, blow dryer, and hair straightener. So… pack a power cord, so that you can plug in 6 things at one time… or maybe even two so that you can charge all of your electronics while fixing your hair!


Littlemissmagic mentioned the major one. If you have a lot of electronics definitely pack a power strip. A related issue is that sometimes the outlets are positioned such that if your particular device has a “wall-wart” type plug in can be impossible to plug into the outlet.

I always bring a couple of trash bags to toss my dirty clothes into. I also bring ziplock type baggies. I use these on beach days to keep things dry and away from the sand.

If you are planning on going to the adult only beach at castaway caye, pack “aqua socks”. There are some rocks in the water and they will help to protect your feet.


That’s a really great idea. I hope never to have to share a room with anyone :laugh: tooooooo much noise :blink:


If the cruise is in Europe - pack a electric converter.

A travel iron is a good investment for a cruise - very often they have laundremattes but they could be at the other end of the ship - a long way away. A travel iron saves a trip to the laundrematte. Even better is a mini-steamer.


Bring LOTS of money.

They just hand you stuff and all they want is to see your key card. Throw in a couple of shore excursions and before you know it, your cabin bill is larger than your cruise cost. :eek:


For the guys…

Only pack two pair of pants and 4 different shirts (for a 4 day cruise) It saves room and usually after pictures and dinner you want to change anyway and the pants have not gotten dirty!!


Llama, you must be checking out Cruise Critic!

I just got back from a 7 day cruise and brought that shoe organizer. I DON’T KNOW what I would have done without it! Get a clear one (Target $4.95) so you can see everything in each pocket.
Something like this…but you CAN get it cheaper. I got my mom one for $1 in Dollar Tree.
Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer with 20 Pockets : Target

I also brought a hanging shelf organizer for the closet. Mine was from Disneyshopping and has hangers on top. It pops open and has 5 shelves. It added SO much storage into our tiny cabin! I used it for the kids clothes.
Here is an example of what I am talking about:
IKEA | Clothes & shoes organizers | Clothes organizers | SKUBB | Organizer

Agreed on the mini steamer…I have Joy Mangano’s “My Little Steamer” from Home Shopping Network…best $20 I have ever spent! It has gone with me on my last 10 trips. I don’t even use an iron at home anymore! This thing is GREAT!!! Here it is, updated with a retractable cord for $29! Joy Mangano My Little Steamer with Retractable Cord at


OH, another one…

HIGHLIGHTERS…different colors. So you can highlight your Cruise Daily and decide the activities you want to participate in.

STICKY NOTES…so you can leave notes for your Cabin Steward or even your family.

Good ONES!


Thanks everyone. great ideas!! I will ask DW to go this weekend for the shoe organizer.


BIG TIP, know ahead of time if you may get sea sick and plan accordingly. I got sick on our first night, there were really high waves leaving FL. Make sure you have everything you need medication wise.

If you are uneasy about setting the kids free, don’t be. They are totally safe and you will all appreciate the separate time.


GREAT TIPS - I’m loving this…

Thanks for the link to the steamer Kim! I had one, but it broke and I could not find another one under $50. - which I wasn’t going to spend.:glare: - I was going to take my iron, but I’m buying this steamer instead. It’s so much easier than ironing.


Something that some may not have thought of. After you’ve unpacked, store your luggage under your bed(s) instead of in the closet:)


I found these tips on various websites SPECIFICALLY about Disney cruises:

  • Buy snacks & sodas from a supermarket before you get to the ship, you can store them in the fridge in your stateroom. You can then take snacks with you when you go ashore.

  • In the corridors on the ship, just look at the carpet to find out which way the back or front of the ship is - the anchor on the carpet is two-coloured, the red points towards the back of the ship, the blue towards the front.

  • On Castaway Cay, get off the ship as early as you can if you want to get a good place on the beach, in a hammock or under an umbrella.

  • The disembarkation talk is broadcast on the TVs in the staterooms all day, so you don’t need to attend the talk.

  • The best time to find characters is during the sail-away celebration, on deck 10.


Other cruise tips I found, not specifically just on the Disney boats:

  • Bring your email addresses with you, as ships now have Internet lounges. An email along with a digital photo is the modern day postcard; so don’t forget the digital camera.

  • Have THREE copies of all important travel documents (passport, birth certificate, etc) and pack one in your carry-on, one in your checked luggage and leave one with someone at home. Pack your medical insurance card and a copy of any medications you are taking.

  • A “pop-up” mesh clothes hamper packs flat in your suitcase and keeps your closet neat on board.

  • Have a supply of one-dollar bills handy for tipping airport skycaps and porters at the pier.

  • Tuck fabric softener sheets between garments as you pack to keep clothing fresh during travels.

  • Pack a pad of Post-It notes to leave messages for your cabin steward, family, and shipboard friends.

  • Personal 2-way radios are a great way to keep track of cruise companions, but set the volume low so you don’t disturb your fellow passengers.

  • A mesh laundry bag that allows damp clothing to dry out is ideal for gathering soiled garments during a cruise.


A Tide Laundry Pen! (especially if you’re married to my husband, who can’t seem to get through a meal without dropping something.:glare: )


I love all these tips !! Thanks=)


Not necessarily, the sail-away celebration is packed with rail to rail people. The characters did not actually seem approachable to me at this point. However, there are many, many opportunities to see characters and their scheduled appearances are very clearly marked in your daily newsletter. There is also a screen in the main atrium with daily events and character schedules.


Great idea except I don’t think they work that well on board. We saw several families with them on the first day, they did not use them much after that.