Crush N Gusher description please


I need a refresher description of Crush N Gusher please… TL was closed during our trip this year, and I really really REALL wanted to go on this new water coaster… can someone please put me out of my misery by giving me a detailed description of each and every bit of the attraction??? Thanks in advance…


It’s soooo much fun Miss Disney!! You get a tube, wait in line and walk up a few flights of stairs. There are 3 different choices, Coconut Crusher, Banana Blaster or Pineapple Plunger and they are all great. You get on your tube and hold on, making sure that you keep your tushie up (that’s key!!!). You go twisting and turning and up and down inclines being helped along the way by jets of water. It’s one of the best water rides, we all loved it!!


:eek: I forgot ALL about this attraction! :eek:

Ooooh yay, now I’m excited!!! Yes someone PLEASE give a blow-by-blow of this attraction…it sounds so cool!


Oops, we posted at almost the same time. Thanks tink!! :mickey:

This sounds EXACTLY like my kind of ride…I :heart: water, I :heart: Typhoon Lagoon, and I :heart: anything zippy that makes the wind blow in my face! :biggrin:

Now I have something else to be excited about the next time I go to WDW! I had really forgotten all about this!


Wow… I HAVE to get back there to try this ride!!! I also love TL… somedays, it feels like my favorite of ALL the parks! I am not kidding! I have to go on this ride!!!


This is where I want to be right now!!!


Awesome ride!


Maybe We need to make, even if it is just to go to BB, a water park trip. That looks and sounds like too much fun to miss.:laugh:


Ohhh!! I wannna ride it!!!


Think of it as a water rollercoaster, its truly awsome. Get your tube and make sure you keep your bottom up (I learned the hard way, ouch! :eek: ) so lay back and hang on. Its a pretty fast ride but nothing too hair raising. At the end your dumped into a pool about 3 feet deep.


The Crush N Gusher is the same blueprint as the Master Blaster at Schlitterbahn. Here is a link with a description and a slide show. It looks so fun! Master Blaster uses patented technology first developed by NBGS International


The best one is coconut crusher (the one on the far right). It is great! One tip, keep your bottom up in the tube! Otherwise you can get quite a jolt as you go down.

You will love it.


Hey Luv! If you are looking for Crush N Gusher, it is at Typhoon Lagoon… but if you DO go to Blizzard Beach, be sure to go on the family raft ride! Awesome!


Thats a must for us!!!:happy:


I have three words for CG, ready?

wet, fast, & wedgie! :tongue:


Me too, MissDis! I know EXACTLY how you feel! :heart: Sometimes I miss it more than any other place in WDW!!

Oooh that picture you posted makes me want to be there SO BAD!!!


Sorry we’ll miss C n G this time, so much to do, so little time.


Ain’t that the truth!

Oh well…at least you’re GOING TO WDW!!! :biggrin: You’ll never even know you missed it!


For the kids, please note there is a height restriction on this ride!!! My DS was “crushed” (pun intended) because he missed the height by a tiny bit, even though he was tall enough for Expedition Everest.


Hey! I just realized that there is a video clip of the ride on Schliterbahn’s website too! it’s in the top right hand corner and it says “e-ride it now”. That should give you a pretty good idea.