Crystal Palace and Michael?


On my birthday my family took me out to dinner and made sure I was embarrassed by the staff bringing out cake and ice cream and singing happy birthday… Aloha_Stitch said it was payback for all the times she had to have Michael sing to her at Crystal Palace. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this special attention from our favorite server?


I have been to Crsytal palace every trip but the year it was closed. I am sad to say that I have never had the pleasure of having michael as my server. I have seen him there however and he is always top-notch with service and attention to his guests. Maybe this trip I will finally get lucky and get him as my server.


We have an ADR at Crystal Palace for our upcoming trip in August. I wonder if I should call Disney and have them make a notation that I would like Michael as our server. Is he there for breakfast?:confused:


I am not sure about breakfast, maybe if it is the last serving of breakfast. …but he has been there for lunch! His tables are the first to left. Like near the windows. We have always been so thrilled when we got Michaels table.


You will have to note that when you get there. ADR line won’t note specific servers on your ADR. The CMs at the check in are cool about that sorta thing however, so you can ask them.

tink -only at lunch? I have seen him there for breakfast as early as 8am…I hope I am talking about the same guy? If not, they have two guys named michael that rock.


Dana I forgot I even had these posted…but just to make sure its the same Michael Crystal Palace christmas 05


Lol watching these clips really make me miss WDW!!!


That’s the michael I know too…maybe he does breakfast sometimes?? got me, but I know I have seen him there before. I remember you posting them before…loved watching again.:heart:


He does make the experience extra special!!!


Another thread returning to life… with the Kids at WDW I feel like Lisa will want to eat at CP…does anyone know if Micheal is still there?


I LOVE working with Michael. My new bid has me captain at Crystal Palace for breakfast on Sat and Sun. Always a pleasure working with the guy.


Oh Rowdy thanks !! It is great to know he is still there.


If you can’t get Michael, I hope you have Paul! He is our favorite and we look for him every time we go to CP. We’ll have to look for Michael now too.


Rowdy - Sat and sundays? DD and I are schedule for an 8:05 breakfast on Sunday, August 28th. Please do seek us out if you are working. Would love to “see” you again.:heart: