Crystal Palace B,L,D


Would you rather choose The Crystal Palace for … BREAKFAST, LUNCH or DINNER ? :huh: and please explain why please !!! Thank you !!! :donald:


Here’s my trick, try to get the very last reservation time you can get (10:30).
Take your time eating, because they start to change over for lunch at about 11:00 and if you play this right, you get a true brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch because they reopen for lunch at 11:30.
I really like all meals at Crystal Palace, but I enjoy breakfast most.
I would just see what reservation opening I could get that works best with your schedule and just enjoy it.


We’ve only ever been there for dinner and we loved it. I can’t speak for the other meals though, so hopefully someone with more experience than I have will chime in!


Oh, the lunch and dinner menus are largely the same with dinner having a few items added such as sliced beef and pork.


But Soundgod, the staff doesnt’ realise that you’re staying for lunch also? They’re not kicking you out ??? lol !


Every time we go to WDW the Crystal Palace is on our lunch. Breakfast is very good as well as lunch and dinner. I agree, just pick the meal that fits in with your plans and go for it.


No…they won’t kick you out. This happened to us at Biergarten, by accident, (honestly :blush:) b/w lunch and dinner. No problem at all.

As far as when to go to CP, we’re not big breakfast eaters, so we’ve only gone for lunch or dinner and we LOVE it!! It’s our must-do restaurant every trip!


I don’t think I’m going to be much help since I’ve only been at the CP for breakfast. But everytime we go to WDW, we always make a reservation there for breakfast. The food and service are always good and pooh and his friends are always a lot of fun.


We have been to breakfast and dinner. Both were really good,but I would say breakfast. The only reason is for us, we are more breakfast eaters. You will not go wrong either way. This is not helping,I know. Just decide if you are in the mood for a breakfast or dinner kinda meal.


I actually have never gone, but I debate it all the time. Here are some factors to consider with any disney experience. I prefer to go early breakfast So I am in the park before it opens. Late breakfast into lunch, your missing out in a lot of good time to go on rides, shows, and stuff. Park is normally crowded later with the locals.

I would say get the very 1st breakfast time, get there early, and you’ll be in a good spot for the start of day!

I have gone to the other locations including castle for breakfast, but CP is on my next trip for sure.


Breakfast, schedule it before the park opens. Nothing is more magic than walking down main street with nobody (or hardly anybody) there. It’s just the most amazing feeling.


They won’t kick you out as long as you’re still eating. Also, they won’t kick you out until you’ve paid and they’ve never seemed to be in a great hurry to bring you your check until you’ve asked for it.


Thanks a bunch everyone ! :smiley:


Breakfast… either way you do it

Get an early ADR for breakfast so you can enter MK before it opens. It’s a unique opportunity to take pictures of your family in front of the castle with no one else in the background!

Or, like Soundgod suggested, do a late breakfast ADR and wait for them to turn it into the lunch buffet.

With buffets, breakfast is just the “safest” food. It’s standard… you can’t really mess it up.

Now, I’ve eaten at CP for dinner and lunch before, and I’ve liked both of those meals, too. But breakfast is the least expensive and imo, it offers the most bang for your buck.


This is what we do too!

We’ve eaten at CP many times. I like Breakfast best, followed by Dinner, and lunch last. Our only sub-par experience was a lunch, but I suspect that was just an “off” day.


I am all for breakfast at CP because I love breakfast and they have this cinnamon sugar french toast (almost like zeppolies) at the kiddie buffet!


We only ever have had lunch at CP, but I am loving the idea of a real early breakfast ADR and getting those type of photos.


I like breakfast, with a early ADR before the park opens it is truely magical walking down main street with no one there, and being in a good spot when the park opens. The food is good and I have always had great service.


I had scheduled breakfast for our wedding anniversary 2 years ago at CP and the wife was too sick to even get out of bed. I wound up eating breakfast at CP by myself and this was also oneof those very late reservations. In fact, I wasn’t even seated until 10:45 so this was certainly going to be a “brunch”.
But that’s not what was special.
What was special was that here I was, all alone on my wedding anniversary and feeling a little sad. So here comes Winnie the Pooh who sits down and spends maybe 5 minutes, maybe more with me to cheer me up.
(Obviously the restaurant was aware that this was a special day from the reservation and also obviously knew I was alone)