Crystal Palace Breakfast or Dinner


I need some opinions. I am getting ready to make our ADR’s. There are four adults in our party. So, Which would you chose breakfast at Crystal Palace or Dinner??? Are the characters there for breakfast also? Thanks


They are and the breakfast is really good…however, it is better at dinner IMHO! I love the salmon (they have that for lunch and dinner BTW)! Here is a link to the menus in case you wanted to see them. Have a great time - it is one of my family’s favorites!

Breakfast is your basic with a few extras thrown in.

Crystal Palace Character Breakfast - Main Street - Magic Kingdom


Crystal Palace Character Lunch Buffet - Main Street - Magic Kingdom


Crystal Palace Character Dinner - Main Street - Magic Kingdom


I would go for Dinner, but that’s because I am not a great fan of any buffet breakfast!

Either of them are fun the characters are the same at both, it just depends when you like to eat!


We have always had breakfast there and really enjoyed it. Since we are big fans of Pooh and his friends, it is the perfect way for us to start our day in the MK. That said, we will be trying dinner for the first time this trip. I can’t compare the 2, but I can say that the breakfast is also very good if you like breakfast food.


Ours too! (no surprise there) The salmon is yummy. I have the recipe!

There is a great roast beef & blue cheese salad too.:happy:


From all the places i can have BFST in the world Crystal palace has to be my #1. I have had bfst in plenty of the resorts and diferent parks but again none like The palace.
Lunch i have no clue always too busy to sit down so i just go with a burger and keep runing. If i whent to the parks is to play and when hungry eat whatever we can find…LOL


If I may add a similiar question … We have an ADR for CP for dinner. I was thinking of talking my DH into paying OOP for breakfast (as an additional meal) there b/c it sounded so yummy. Since we’ll already have the character interaction at our dinner, is it worth it to go for breakfast? Will I be just as satisfied eating mickey shaped waffles and other pastry/breakfast items elsewhere and saving money?


I like their breakfast. We have only done the dinner once and probally won’t do it again. There wasn’t anything wrong with it or anything. I just prefer their breakfast. I like getting into the MK before it opens and nothing beats starting your day with a character meal!

TBGoes2Disney -
I do think they are worth a second visit.


I vote for breakfast! What a great way to start the day! Although we have never had dinner to compare, I really enjoyed the breakfast and it was our boys favorite throughout the entire trip and is a must do every time! It sounds like either one you choose will be a winner!:happy: