Crystal Palace for Dinner


I have dinner ressies there on my arrival day at WDW. I have hear mainly bad things about it. But I am one that would prefer to try things out formyself. With that said, who has eaten dinner at Crystal Palace? Pros and cons…I want to hear them all. Nothing is going to change my dinner plans just want to hear what you all thought about dinner there.:pirate:


We did a dinner and a lunch there and had nothing but good meals and service so all I have is Pros and I guess a con is like any place the crowds can be a bit large at times


We had dinner at Crystal Palace in Jan. 2007. While we didn’t care for it very much, there was nothing wrong with the food or the service.

My children are older, the crowd at CP is a bit younger. The tables are on the small side for a family of six and they are crowded together. Pooh is cool, but not our favorite.

I would give it a try. Most people I have spoken to LOVED Crystal Palace.


I’ve eaten all three meals at Crystal Palace and keep going back. Service is good. Character interaction is good. Most of the food is very good. Sure, there are always some clunkers, but no restaurant can help that.


I love love Love CP Dinner and breakfast are awesome DH even likes it better than CM


Love it too! Have ressies for it already for our next trip!


The food is good but the service isn’t that great


We have eaten here in the past. Great food and wonderful service. Lots of character time as well despite the fact that the place was packed. I was really impressed.


We loved it, our waiter Kip was hysterical, he had my kids laughing all evening. The food was good and the service was excellent. My little one is a very picky eater and they had kiddie food for him. The only negative I found was it is very congested outside, people who don’t have ADR are lined up waiting for a table. I think it is very good for what it is.


We have eaten dinner at CP on multiple trips and have always had a pleasant experience. The food is tasty, and we like the variety. I wouldn’t hesitate to go!


We’ve eaten there a few times too. I enjoythe food as do my kids. My DH is not impressed and does not care for CP at all.
It can get a little crowded at times, but we do go there to see Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet & Pooh so that does make it worth it. :smile:


Good food but crowded.


very good food and great service. last time my DH and i went for our anniversary. our server was amazing … taking pictures. they decorated our table with a heart made from mickey confetti. we ate there for dinnner with our kids we ahd a late ADR but never felt rushed or as if we were being pushed out. we go back for at least once every trip. :laugh:


We booked an adr for Lunch at CP. Hoping that everyone in our party will like the food. We are having ds Birthday there. He loves Pooh and Tigger.


We ate there 12/2006. It was a wonderful dinner. I especially loved the cheese and fruit trays. YUMMMY! I enjoyed it more than 1500 Park Fare.


DD and I go there because of the very good food and Location, Location Location!!!:happy:

We are not Pooh fans at all but we go thru the motions when we meet them! :happy: