Crystal Palace for lunch?


Thoughts on Crystal Palace for lunch…


Been there for breakfast which was OUT OF THIS WORLD… and for Dinner back in 96 - we are planning dinner this year.


Sounds great then. Thanks so much for the information!


We went there for a late lunch/early dinner and wasn’t impressed at all. I think we must have just hit an ‘off’ day and may try it again but not on a must do list for lunch/dinner. Alot of people rave about it so give it a shot. We had a horrible server (not unnattentive…just down right rude), food was just okay, some things were actually cold, dry, etc. Characters were very good though.


We’ve been there for lunch once and LOVED it! We have a ADR for our trip in June to go there again for lunch!


We love Crystal Palace no matter when!!! Make sure you try their choc chip cookies!!! :wub: :wub: We always eat at Crystal Palace when we are at WDW sometimes twice a trip!!! Never had a bad experience there!!!


Great I have an ADR scheduled for Feb 10th, I used to love the food there before it changed to Character Dining.


We prefer lunch to dinner, its basically the same meal, and its cheaper! We have always had a good experience here, it is one of our all time favorites.


Thanks Uof M fan. I’m formerly from Michigan!


Really, where from??


We love the breakfast there. But won’t go back for lunch. It wasn’t good. Simple as that :wink:


Oh that is sad. We had a “not good” dinner there on our last trip. It made me very sad.


I have been there for a a late lunch or early dinner whichever way you want to look at it. It was ok. I like their breakfast way more than their dinner or lunch.


Breakfast is best. Lunch is still good and is almost the same as dinner and a few bucks less. Dinner’s still good.
I think you can’t go wrong with Crystal Palace, but again, I like the breakfast buffets better than the later meals at all buffets.


Commerce Twp, what about you? Really loving this
Florida sunshine!!!


have eaten there all three meals all of them good. we did dinner one night late good but not great.


I am north of Detroit. I bet you are enjoying that sunshine!

P.S. I did not care for the breakfast at CP.


For us, the issue is that we can’t stop int eh middl eof the day for a big meal. The call of the park would be too strong! LOL… seriously! In the daytime, we grab CS food or a cart snack and keep rolling!


Have to agree with MissDisney on this, Stopping for a big meal for lunch would be too time consuming. I tend to keep the big meal for dinner. I prefer to not take any time for a big breakfast either, just something light and then get to the parks!!!


By choice I do not prefer buffets. However, I did like this one. Maybe the Winnie the Pooh stuff, I do remember there were a good amount of choices, and the desserts were great.