Crystal Palace or Liberty Tree House Tavern?


We are going to Disney in June and need help deciding where we should eat for breakfast. We are going on a Saturday and we where wondering which place would most likely be less crowded. I mean we don’t wanna be smushed in and can’t breathe you know? We also have a Disney Newbie who has never been to Disney before… so where should we eat? HELP!

EDIT: Wait… does LTT have breakfast? LOL.


I think that crystal palace is your only option. You would have fun with it… if you go early to avoid the crowds… Chef Mickey’s is ok too, but when we were there- we felt rushed and it felt like the characters were in a hurry… and I have small kids…


I don’t think LTT has breakfast?? CP is PERFECT for a first timer! Make the ressie early so they can get great pictures of Main Street crowd FREE!


CP…because you’re right no breakfast at LTT.
However, LTT is a good choice if you need a dinner spot! :laugh:


As mentioned above, LTT doesn’t do breakfast. LTT doesn’t even have a character meal atm… but there’s speculation that they’ll bring it back.

If you were looking at dinner, I’d say it depends on whether you want Minnie and friends or Pooh and friends.

But I’m just going to recommend Crystal Palace. Make an early reservation so you can get into the park early! :happy:


Like that’s a bad thing?
Don’t think too much, just make the reservation for Crystal Palace.
(The choice is a no brainer)


cp is wonderfull for breakfast. food is good and the characters are great dh and i do it even without the kids[ my kids are now adults they still love it.]


Ha… I thought I heard that LTT did have breakfast LOL. I guess CP it is!

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[QUOTE=Justin;946516]Ha… I thought I heard that LTT did have breakfast LOL. I guess CP it is!

  • Justin[/QUOTE]

You’ll be happy! Pooh and Friends are a lot of fun! :heart:


Crystal Palace is a must for us every trip. We always do a late breakfast so it’s like lunch too. Liberty Tree Tavern stopped “character” meals. Other places we loved was the Polynesian Lilo & Stitch breakfast and Chef Mickey’s.


Since I found out that Liberty Tree Tavern serves Stouffer’s food, I decided to never go there. I can serve Stouffer’s in 10 minutes from my own microwave.


Crystal Palace is wonderful. There seems to be a lot of character interaction, the atmosphere is light and cheery, and the food is good.
LTT doesn’t have a breakfast, but we have had dinner there with the characters (before the took them away) and it was wonderful also. The food was very good, and we saw a lot of characters. Hopefully, the characters are coming back to LTT.


Crystal Palace is terrific for breakfast. We never miss it.


It’s CP for us. The food is good and lots of interaction with the characters


the only thing they serve that is Stouffer’s is the mac and cheese. everything else they serve is awesome! a nice break from all the rich food…some good ole comfort food!


CP for breakfast for sure although we love LTT for lunch and dinner ( their pot roast is delicious)

And I dont know what Stoufers is but if thats whats served then we like it!