Crystal Palace or Liberty Tree Tavern


We were supposed to go to Libery Tree Tavern for our last meal at WDW however with the Pirates & Princess party being the same night, I had to go with an ADR at LTT of 4 pm. We are doing Cindy’s at 8:20 am for breakfast the same day which is early but 4 pm seems so early for dinner! I just think that I won’t want to waste time eating an early dinner on my last day.

I am trying to decide if I want to keep that time or go for a late breakfast/early lunch before we leave on Saturday at Crystal Palace. So far we have Ohana’s for Breakfast with Stitch & Breakfast with Cindy planned as our character meals. What do you guys think?



I think LTT could be a bit heavy for an early dinner, or else you’ll end up not eating much. That said, it’s a tough call because there’s something very cozy about LTT and I find the character interaction tends to be better there than at CP.

HOWEVER, CP has a much wider selection and it could be a perfect way to say goodbye to MK. Get up early, ride some rides, then go for an early lunch.

So, I’m tending to lean towards the CP option.


We love LTT but we’ve never been to CP (not Pooh fans) so I may not be of much help. I know if I ate breakfast at 8:20 I would be ready for dinner at 4 bacause we wouldn’t really eat lunch. I might grab a snack but we wouldn’t have a full meal after a big breakfast. Honestly, that’s exactly how I might plan it.


i am having the same debate. does LLT even serve breakfast? if so, how is the food diff. from CP? LLT has traditional characters, while CP has ALL POOH…have i got that right??

do you have to have MK park tickets to go to these resturants?? figured you do. but thought i would ask…seeing as how we might want to do a char. breakfast on check-out morning.

i know there’s always chef mickey’s…maybe we’ll do that one and check out the poly at the same time…just trying to decide…need more info! :slight_smile:

also curious…how do you get inot the park for your 1st seating at CP or LTT? how do they admit you? is the park already open (just Main ST)and you just show up at CP or LLT and they see you have an ADR?

alot of questions…i know! lol


You are right about the characters. LTT doesn’t serve breakfast.

You need a ticket to dine at the restaurants in the parks

If the park isn’t open you normally go to the far right turnstyle and the CM will let you in for your ADR.


Honestly if you already have Cindy and Stitch I would not even do another character meal.

I love the food at CP and I think it is so beautiful in there. I have never been to LTT, but like Disney Teacher I would just have a snack and skip lunch then I would be ready for dinner at 4pm.


I have never been to LTT but its on my top list for my next trip. I have been to CP for breakfast and it was awsome. I would say do both!! LOL…


well if LLT doesn’t serve breakfast…i guess that settles it!!

i was thinking we would just do CS this trip (no dining plan) and grab breakfast at the resort or in our room…but now…well…i think it will just be tooooo special to miss out on a character meal IN the MK!! especially if we can get 1st seating and go down main st. almost alone…so bright and early in the morning. finishing up breakfast just about the time the park is open!! OH I CAN HARDLY WAIT!! :slight_smile:


Although I LOVE the CP (we really aren’t Pooh fans either, but the selection of foods is awesome!) I would stick with the plans you have. I wouldn’t have any lunch - just a quick snack and you’ll be ready for dinner at 4:00. LTT’s food is really good too and the characters are great! Another advantage is you get in the park early for your party. During the MNSSHP we had an early ADR for LTT, so when we entered the park they gave us the wrist band for the party and then we were able to stay after dinner even though the party didn’t “officially” begin until 7:00. I wouldn’t have wanted a later dinner ADR b/c then that cuts into the party time!


I would pick CP over LTT for any meal, but that’s just me. Two character meals at MK in one day might feel like a lot, especially when you’re doing the all-you-can-eat dinner at LTT. There’s plenty of great counter service restaurants in MK. Instead of LTT, you could try Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square for lunch or dinner (similar style and setting to LTT), then come back another day to do CP for breakfast. That would be a great way to end a trip if you ask me.



i just made an ADR for 8:05 am at CP on jan 10!!!


That’s the best time to have on a non-EMH morning! You get to walk up an empty Main Street and get some great pictures in front of the castle.


We are planning on going to the Pirates & Princess party on another day during our stay so we will have to leave the park by 7 on our last full day. So we really don’t need to eat in the park and the 4 pm seating is early. I debated changing the plans because we will still have 1 day left on our hopper that we could use (we plan on taking a break from the park’s on my bf’s birthday) so I thought it would be nice to have a last hurrah for breakfast or a early lunch on the day we leave in the park. I was also thinking changing to CP because the food at LTT just seems like a normal turkey dinner (which I love!) but isn’t spectacular for Disney. Sorry I am just talking this out to myself :laugh:

I think we will change to CP if I can get a seating. I do love pooh.

Thanks everyone. Both seem like great choices. We will probably do LTT on our trip for my birthday around christmas next year.


Crystal Palace is where we have our last dinner on our trips. LTT is also very good, but Crystal Palace is tops for us.

DisneyTeacher, every time I see you post you are not Pooh fans, it takes my breath away!! How can this be???:happy: :laugh:


Mmm. The Crystal Palace. :wub: :heart:


I’ve only had breakfast at CP, but I love LTT for lunch or dinner.
Either one is a great choice in my opinion.
(How’s dinner at CP?)


I think you should can LTT for your last night there. I just think that it will be a bit much after having cindy’s that morning. You will spend you last day at WDW restaurant hopping instead of getting in those last minute attractions you want to do again or missed. Can it.


I am so sorry, I feel so bad every time I post that but we just aren’t Pooh fans and never have been. Maybe we should go to CP once and see if we can be fixed. Do you think this can be cured?


Hey DT…Give Pooh a chance! :laugh:


Oh, the guilt!!!