Crystal Palace question


We have an ADR at Crystal Palace at 9:10. Will we be allowed to enter the park early or will we have to enter at 9:00 with everyone else? Just didn’t want to be late!!


You will be allowed into the park early. There is a special gate set aside for guests with early breakfast reservations.


Where is that special gate located?


You know, I always wonder about this. Do they verify your adr at this gate? What keeps people from saying they have an adr and just get into the park early?


Yes they do verify. I watched that at the Studios for an early breakfast ADR :slight_smile:


I think it’s been on both ends before (but not at the same time). There will be signs or CM’s that can direct you.

Here’s a little secret about getting in early. Make sure to take your camera with you. You can get some great shots of your family on Main Street with just the Castle in the background and no people. Ever try doing that during regular hours? It’s virtually impossible. We’ve done this several times and we get excellent pictures.

However, it is a secret so don’t tell anyone.



I now am relieved. I can’t tell you how many times I watched people go up to the special gate, and wondered.


This year we entered at MK through a special gate located at the right side of the turnstiles. They asked us what time our ressie was for, but they did not ask for verification.
We got great pictures down Main Street with no-one around. It is worth the early ressie just to get those pics. And, there are already photopass photographers out to take pictures of you and your family.


Take advantage of getting in early. We always get a reservation at around that time just to go down Main St with no one…it is too cool! A def magic moment!! Enjoy yoursefl!


My ressies for the Crystal Palace is 8:10a. I was told to bring my confirmation number with me. This will be my first time getting early ressies. Thanks for the info about the camera. I would have never thought of that.


Actually, I’m not so certain they verify. My dad had our ADR ressie sheet out when we went through, but he said the CM didn’t even look at it. Maybe he just trusted that the time on our sheet got us into the park early.


My ADR is at 9:10, so how early can I get in??? Those empty pictures of Magic Kingdom are unbelievable!! I can’t wait!:laugh:


I don’t know if there is a set time that you are allowed in ahead of time. I do know the restaurants tell you to be there 15minutes early for your reservation, so I suspect they would let you in at least 20minutes early?

Our ressie was prior to 9am (park opening) so I’m not sure if they get sticky closer to the actual park opening time?