Crystal Palace Reservation


Well, this morning I went ahead and made a PS reservation for breakfest at Crystal Palace. I decided to go for it…made it for 8:20am the saturday we are there. The park doesnt open until 9am so I thought this would be good. Just hope the breakfest is good and not too greasy.

How is the breakfest buffet there?? Does it include the regular eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, etc,???


Cara I love the breakfast there yes it has all those things plus a breakfast Lasagna that is to die for


The food there is very good, not at all greasy at all. Besides the cool interaction with Pooh and friends , DW and I truly enjoy the food/coffee etc. You won’t regret it.

I’ll have to try the lasagna - I’ve always been a sausage and potatoes guy.


Hmmmm, I was second quessing going there but the more I hear about the food the more I think we should try it. Especially if it is not a greesy type of breakfest. We normally eat at the food court of whatever resort we are at…but my ds has been saying he would like to eat with Eeyore (his favorite character in the world).


Not to monopolize your time, but the children (now young adults) love the characters, and we really enjoy the food. It is a very nice way to start your day.


You will love the CP! :mickey:


I’v actually never gone to the breakfast buffet at CP but I am sure your family will have a BLAST! Is breakfast with the characters too?


CP has Pooh and friends. I believe it is Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, and Piglet. We went to the character meal 4 years ago at Grand Floridian and saw Eeyore, Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, and Alice. DS was only 12 months old then. it was fun though.


Doughnut and I LOVE CP!!! The French Toast will just bring tears to your eyes–it is so good! Pooh and the gang come and visit and it is just the best way to start the day. It is our favorite place for breakfast with the characters!


CP is great! I actually like Chef Mickey’s better, but I do love CP!!! Their breakfast lasagna is not what you think…it has fruit and custard in it, it is YUMMY!!! (no tomato sauce at 8am…no worries :wink: )

You won’t be disappointed. And the character interaction is great!


The breakfast is my favorite there. You are going to love it. There is enough variety to makes everyone in your party happy. Show up at 8am for your PS…you will get in.


Okay…now I am more excited about the character meal. I am hoping we can get there by 8am. We have alot of people going…us, then my parents, then my sister with her husband and 2 babies. I think my sister may be the hold-up. We have always wanted to get to go into WDW before it really opened so I am sure dh, ds, and I will be there early. Maybe the rest will just have to meet us there. DS wants all the Eeyore time he can get…lol


Just WAIT until you walk onto Main Street USA and NO ONE ELSE IS THERE!!! It is ABSOLUTELY incredible. :flowers:


ughhhhh…we have 6 months until the trip!!! lol


Don’t feel bad. I have 7 …ugh


The coffee’s kind of not the best though. Search for the coffee at WDW thread for more info on that. There isn’t a trip that we don’t do breakfast at the CP. If you can get your PS for 8AM or as early as 7:30 sometimes, you’ll be done sooner, and have more of the MK to yourselves


Don’t feel bad. I have over 8…UGH! :crying:


There is a lot of fruit on that buffet too- I had watermelon two weeks ago from there. There was a lot of variety and it was good! We had an 8:25 breakfast and we were riding rides by about 9:25. We did not feel rushed at all and it was great to start the day with little kids and pictures. They had a blast!!! Have fun!!!


We love CP for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Your DS is going to LOVE it! The characters here always seem to really take their time with the kids!! :wub:


Just be sure, on your way to b’fast, to STOP and get a photo of your child / family before you go in to eat! The street will be so empty, sans for a few folks headed back to the castle for Cindy’s ressies. Makes GREAT photo op! After b’fast is just not the same - people are plowing in!

I’d love some b’fast lasagna right about now, in fact… :wub: