Crystal Palace vs. 1900 Park Fare for Breakfast


I’ll be visiting WDW in March with my DS14 and DD7. We have eaten at Crystal Palace for breakfast before (about 3 years ago) and have eaten at 1900 Park Fare for dinner. Which would you say has the better buffet, atmosphere, etc. for breakfast?

Thanks in advance!:wub:


Here is the link for the reviews
Disney World Dining Restaurant Reviews


Even though I love the Madhatter (I don’t know why:wacko: )
IMHO the Crystal Palace would be my pick.:happy:


1900 park fare hands down.


I do know why I love the Mad Hatter. He enjoys the role he’s playing and he’s been playing that role for years. Not just at the restaurant, but also in the MK during Halloween parties.

Crystal Palace edges out 1900 because of the more open feeling CP has and the view out the window.
Everything else is on par between the two of them. I like both pretty equally.


I’d say the food was much better at 1900, than at Crystal Palace. I like the fun atmosphere of Crystal Palace as opposed to 1900.


1900 for us- Crystal Palace is great but 1900 seems to have everything we need.


I’ve never eaten at 1900 PF, but I was just looking at the menu, and I think I would choose that one.


We have been to both and think that Crystal Palace has better food.


Crystal Palace is my pick. You must get the 8:05 slot on a non-EMH morning. That gives you enough time to eat and be at the rope near cindy’s castle for drop time…It gives you an edge to get into FL first…lol Oh, the food and charaters are cool too…love the breakfast lasagna:heart:


I would chose 1900 Park Fare. I like the food much better as well as the characters. Additionally if you go there on your birthday you get this really cool birthday crown. I haven’t seen any of the other restaurants do this just 1900. Also the characters don’t move as fast there as they do at Crystal Palace.

Usually what I like to do is schedule a Character Breakfast offsite on my last day when I’m leaving and know that I won’t be going to any of the parks. It kind of gives me a nice Disney send off. I roam around the Hotel a little and soak it all up. And Grand Floridian is a beautiful hotel to see.

Whichever you chose though will be a wonderful choice I mean it’s Disney, with characters.


I agree. Plus you don’t need to waste time leaving the MK