Crystal Palace vs. The Castle


I’m going to post this again, just because it’s now under “restaurants”! Maybe this will be a little better to access!

My family and I (there are 9 of us altogether) go to WDW every year for our family vacation. We have always done dinner (one year it was lunch) at the Castle. Not that we didn’t like it, but the main reason for going was to see Cinderella. My niece LIVES for Cinderella so we feel it’s her special time to see her. Plus I don’t think Cinderella is anywhere else in the park except for the parades (correct me if I’m wrong please!). My only concern has been the menu. It’s not bad, but there’s very little to select from.

I am going to be suggesting to my family that maybe this year we take a break from dinner at the castle and try the Crystal Palace.

Anyone have any suggestions on this? We only pick one night to do a nice dinner. It’s more of a cost issue than anything or else we would just do both.



The castle is awesome! We finally got a reservation for the breakfast. However, if there are nine of you, I would prefer Crystal because of the buffet. There is more variety, plus the kids can get up. Where else can you get to eat with Pooh and the crew?


We have never at at the Crystal Palace for dinner, but we have done it for breakfast. We really enjoyed the atmostphere. The Crystal Palace is bright and cheerful. They have interesting flowers or plants to look like the characters. For breakfast, the do a parade with the characters and the kids. We did the Crystal Palace because we have a boy, but there were alot of girls there too. If you are looking for a change, I would try the Crystal Palace.


We have done both for dinner, and while Cinderella’s is beautiful, and the meal is pretty good, my guys prefer Crystal Palace. Just a wider variety of foods to choose from. And of course, the Pooh characters are there. :slight_smile:


Tinkerbell, you may also chose to take the monorail to 1900 park fare & see Cinderella for dinner there. It’s not a long ride, & we really enjoyed the buffet. It’s just another option for you…also, we got lucky & saw Cinderella twice at Epcot signing autographs in the pavillion where all of the characters are. She actually took a while and chatted with my son, (there was nobody else waiting). Anyway, I just wanted you to know about other ways to see Cinderella.
We did have dinner at Crystal Palace & did also really enjoy it. The characters did a parade during our meal as well.


I have to agree with nancyk - During our trip in 11/04 we went to the buffet at 1900 Park Faire and we enjoyed it. The characters vary - we saw Fairy Godmother (in the lobby), Suzy, Perla, Cinderella and - yes - Prince Charming. We had a later reservation and the characters were able to sit with us and spend a little time. My girls were thrilled.

We had dinner at the castle in 11/05 and there were no characters. Very good meal, though.


We make a point of eating at Crystal Palace every year. We have done lunch and breakfast at the Castle in previous years, but we are faithful to Crystal Palace. It is louder and rowdier, but the kids love it and the food is great!!


Thanks for all the helpful advice! I really appreciate it!! It’s tough to get 7 adults to agree on only one thing, so I’m printing out all of the responses and showing them all at dinner this Saturday!!

Thanks again!!